Streekpad Nijmegen

A 117K route circling around Nijmegen, the oldest town of the Netherlands.This path shows the beautiful variety of landscapes with winding dykes, mills, lakes, river sand dunes, rolling forests, and peaceful nature. You'll experience the fascinating history of the region, from Roman trade routes, castles and centuries-old pilgrimage places to...

Fiona Oakes

Fiona runs to better animals' lives.This British Vegan Queen is not fond of running but she loves what the running brings. Despite having a knee replacement and no knee cap from age 17, and being told she would never walk properly again, Fiona holds four Guinness World Records in the...

Mimi Anderson

Multi World Record Holder, talks a lot, loves to laugh, enjoys meeting people and has a passion for running oh and enjoying the odd (ha ha) glass or two of wine! Mimi's favorite quote:"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the...

Dan Lawson

Dan Lawson is a British ultra elite runner and charity worker."Running brings me peace. I feel so grateful to commune with nature each day and spend time in stillness. Being an Ultra Runner I am part of an adventurous and warm community with whom I can enjoy the most breathtaking...

Pheidippides Feat

Until more efficient ways of transport were developed, running was a common way to transfer a message. Especially in times of war it was important to have couriers with strong endurance, who could cover long distances as fast as possible.One of the most famous battles in world history was the...


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