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Loop around Devon – Kevin Carr

As part of his preparation for a world record attempt to run the Sahara desert solo in 2008, British bartender Kevin Carr, 27, covered the distance of a marathon (26.2 miles) every day for 10 days by running in loops around Devon in the United Kingdom.

“My idea of fun is to run a marathon and then turn around and run another one or to get up at midnight and see how far I can run before the sun rises. I just enjoy pushing myself and setting myself challenges,” he said.

Kevin began long-distance running at age 25 when he ran up Ben Lomond in New Zealand. “I just got off the plane and decided I needed to move my legs, so I started running up the mountain,” he said. “When I got to the summit I realized I’d run up a mountain bigger than any in the UK and I hadn’t found it hard; in fact, I’d really enjoyed it.”

Kevin ran twice a day covering up to 30 miles to get himself ready for the challenge. But aware of the difficulty of undertaking. he said:
“The loop around Devon is going to be very taxing, in particular the two large sections of the run crossing the county by road. I am used to running very large distances across the moors, coast path and sand. However, running for prolonged periods on road is far tougher on the knees and I am nervous about the pain I might be in.”

Kevin also ran to raise £15,000 to help North Devon Cancer Care Trust purchase specialist ultrasound equipment, to allow North Devon District Hospital to improve the cancer treatment it provides. Kevin said: “My mum had breast cancer and received excellent treatment from the Trust. 

The event is finished.


Aug 11 2020

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Devon Loop


Devon, UK
Devon Loop


  • Kevin Carr

    “I’m currently the fastest man around the world, one of the strongest endurance athletes of my generation. This isn’t the result of winning the genetic lottery – until the age of 15, I was the smallest pupil in a mixed school with over 1,200 pupils, noticeably underdeveloped for my age. During college I became clinically depressed – after receiving medication since proven to be completely unsuitable for adolescents (increasing suicidal idealization by over 400%) – I made a very serious attempt at my own life, I was very fortunate to survive.

    Kevin shares the strategies he used to rebuild his self-confidence, and then develop the physical and mental strength necessary to become the fastest person to run around the world.

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