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Malawi Impact Marathon

Choose Malawi and you’ll be joining us on the run of a lifetime in the home of distance-running. Not only will you spend the week on the shores of Lake Malawi (don’t forget your cameras for those epic sunrises and sunsets), you’ll also have time to meet some amazing projects really making a difference to the communities you will be running through and alongside. Empower yourself and use the power of running to help change lives forever.

For the first few days you’ll get stuck into a variety of projects, then after resting up on day 5, you’ll join hundreds of locals for the inaugural Malawi International Marathon!
Distances: 42K, 21K, 10K

This is more than just a race, just wait until you are running along the banks of Lake Malawi, enjoying the Warm Heart of this beautiful continent.
Set in challenging terrain, it’s a sandy, dusty trail race that has enough elevation to keep your legs happy but enough stunning vistas to keep your mind rewarded! Forget about your Personal Best and enjoy every single step of this unique course.

The Athletes’ Village, staffed by the local community, will be your home for the week. You can count on amazing sunrises to kick start each day, rounded off perfectly with sunsets that will render you utterly speechless. Beach BBQs and nightly campfires will be the perfect setting to connect with other runners during the week.

The whole week is a very beautiful way to experience a very beautiful nation and this community. Runners will live right in the middle of our village. Each morning you will rise to sunrise over Lake Malawi, the sight of the villagers washing there pots and pans in the water and the sound kids jumping off every rock they can find. Each evening you will huggle around the Sunset Bar and deepen your relationship with your fellow Impact Runners.

The Impact
The Naturally Africa Foundation crosses a number of areas, from education to healthcare, to agriculture. Throughout the week we will introduce you to all these different areas to offer a holistic experience of all the ways that NAF is capacity building within Nkope Bay.

You will be digging, building, teaching, being chased around during KidsRunWild Sports Day. Make no mistake, it is an intense program that will bring to life all the ways that we, as individuals, can touch the lives of others in a truly positive way.

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Oct 04 2021 - Oct 10 2021

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Nkope, Malawi
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  • Nick Kershaw

    Nick wanted to combine a number of the best things in the world, like travel, running and making a difference.

    But he didn’t want people just to donate and fund the charities he believes in. He wanted them to come out and see the projects and take part in it, so they would understand and take home why the projects are so powerful. And he also wanted to add a bit of running:-)

    With Impact Marathon Series he brings almost intangible huge Global Goals like no poverty, good health, equality and well-being to life, by showing participants what these things really mean on grassroots level.

    During a week you run, connect and work in a local community in Nepal, Kenya, Malawi, Colombia or Guatemala.

    Each Impact Marathon contributes to one of the 17 Global Goals, announced by the United Nations in 2015 to secure the future of the planet.

    During a week the runners work for a project, connect with locals, build friendships for life and challenge themselves. NIck shares highlights of the impact they made so far.

    You can check out his races and the impact they make on his website: https://www.impactmarathon.com

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