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Youth Trail Running Camp – Max King

Mt Shasta sits in a corner of California that is still wild, without many people, and rugged at heart. The forests and mountains in the region are full of rarely traveled trails that we want to give you a chance to explore. We’ll pack the week full of trail running, adventure, s’mores, wilderness training, trail maintenance, map and compass skills, and a ton of fun.
You’ll explore miles of the best trails.

A youth trail running camp experience for ages 15-20 designed to bring complete awareness to your time in the wilderness. Learn the in’s and out’s of trail running, how to stay safe deep in the mountains, and find that deeper connection to the world around you. Trail running technique, the importance of forest stewardship, healthy nutrition on and off the run, trail maintenance training and impact, trail etiquette, map reading and navigation skills will all be taught, providing the foundation for this impactful, awe-inspiring week.

Camp Amenities – We want you to immerse yourself in the wilderness while at camp. While you’ll have a bed and roof over your head, there will be no cellular reception. We hope this will provide you with a relaxing and distraction free week.

This is a rustic cabin in the woods. Lodging amenities will be sparse with cots to sleep on. We feel this brings a more authentic experience to a few days spent out in the woods.

The Daily Schedule – Just getting runs on beautiful trails every day is the easy part and you could do that anywhere, anytime. We want you to get something out of this camp you can take home and put to good use in your own running, that’s why we’ll be teaching technical running form, downhill trail running, nutrition guidelines, trail building skills, how to put together a trail training plan, trail etiquette, and more.

How To Prepare – We want you to enjoy your time at camp and one of the ways to do that is to come prepared. While this is a camp for all abilities, there are some strenuous activities that will test your limits no matter who you are. The stronger you come in, the more fun you’ll have.

What To Bring – Your packing list should include the basics without much fluff. In other words, you won’t need the kitchen sink.

Weather – Summer weather on the coast can be highly variable. While we don’t expect much rain, daily fog along the coastline can make for unexpectedly cool mornings. Please pack with that in mind and bring warm clothing for running.

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Aug 03 2020



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Mt Shasta Methodist Camp
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  • Max King

    Max King is an American ultra-marathoner. He was the winner at the 2014 IAU 100 km World Championships and the 2011 World Mountain Running Championships.

    Apart from winning World Championships and multiple national awards, Max shares his love for the outdoors and skills to be self-sufficient in the forest and mountains.

    Max has done a little bit of everything. From the roads and the track to trails and mountains he enjoys the sport of running and want to pass on what he’s learned over the years. He’s excited to share his experiences and knowledge in a small camp setting and instill a passion for adventure.

    He lives in Bend, OR with his wife and two adventurous kids. He has multiple world championship titles and has run on trails all over the world with some of his favorite trails right here in Oregon.

    His running camps focus on the fun aspects of trail running and to be comfortable and safe on the trail. Trail running, forest stewardship, nutrition, trail maintenance, trail etiquette, map reading and navigation skills are part of the kids and adult programs.

    Experience Trail Running Like Never Before
    “The camp is to help foster a level of comfort and independence while running trails in remote areas through education in map reading and navigation and to provide a level of understanding about forest issues and trail maintenance through hands-on work.
    Our over-arching goal is to create capable trail runners and stewards with a lifelong love of nature.

    It’s been a dream of mine to put together a running camp focused on the fun aspects of trail running and also provide the skills required to be self-sufficient in the forest and mountains. Really, just to be comfortable taking off on a trail with no particular destination in mind but with the knowledge of how to do it safely and enjoyably.

    I’ve always felt like a camp should be more than just doing the same thing you could do on your own. It should be a learning experience where you take something away from the time you have at camp,” Max says.

    You can find out more about Max King, his records and his training camps on his website: http://www.maxkingtrc.com

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