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Roparun Relay

The Roparun is a relay race of over 500 kilometers from Paris and Bremen to Rotterdam, where people in teams, take part in an athletic event to raise money for people with cancer. It’s also called an adventure for life. This is also clear from the motto, which for years has been: ‘Adding life to days, when days often can’t be added to life’.

Roparun Foundation supports palliative care for people with cancer.
The money collected during the Roparun event is allocated to institutions, causes or projects that fulfill the Roparun motto. This can include equipping a walk-in centre where (ex-)cancer patients and/or relatives can meet. Holidays for people with cancer and their families so that they can create a beautiful memory, even in an unpleasant period.

Workshops in hospitals where people with cancer learn to deal with changes in appearance arising from the treatments. A nice day out for sick children and their brothers or sisters, so that they don’t have to think about being ill for a while. The development of ‘palliative boxes’, a resource for people in a terminal phase who would like to stay in their own home environment. Or equipping a hospice to ensure that people can stay in a pleasant environment during their final phase of life.

In 2019 368 teams took part in the Roparun.

Roparun 2020 has been cancelled
2021 dates to be confirmed.
Registrations for the yearly Roparun open on August 1 and close on December 31.
For the half Roparun the final registration date is 31 January.

Start in Bremen and Paris. The half Roparun starts in Almelo.
All participants will finish at the Binnenrotte in Rotterdam.

Picture credits: Marco de Swart – ANP

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May 29 2021 - May 31 2021


per team Eur 3050 full relay / per team Eur 1900 half relay

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Paris -> Rotterdam, Bremen -> Rotterdam
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