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Run to Nepal – Rosie Swale Pope

At the age of 73, Rosie Swale Pope has taken on a new exciting challenge.
She’s running 6,000 miles from Brighton all the way to Kathmandu in Nepal in support of PHASE Worldwide. PHASE runs health, education and livelihood programs in communities living in some of the most remote areas of Nepal. Some of the communities are a three-day walk away from these basic services.

Rosie is also doing this to show the world that age is not a barrier when it comes to achieving your dreams.

She ran the first part from Brighton to Berlin in 2018, where she arrived on December 10.
The route for this 2nd stage started February 1, 2019, from Berlin via Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, to Kathmandu, up in the Nepalese Himalayas.

Rosie completed her first run around the world in 2008.
Just like back then, Rosie is running solo and unsupported, carrying all her belongings in her Jogpod behind her. This innovative buggy carries and protects all her belongings, but also offers Rosie a safe place to sleep in, as well as a cooking plate and power charger.

You can support and follow Rosie’s journey in real-time. The tracker was delivered to Rosie in Czechia, during the 2nd stage of her journey.
Keep an eye out on this page for regular live updates with Rosie’s location.

video credits SJH Projects Ltd

Image by Christophe Schindler

The event is finished.


Aug 11 2020


Brighton -> Nepal
Rosie's Run to Nepal


  • Rosie Swale Pope

    Author of ‘Just A Little Run Around the World’ and other books on her travels and runs. Currently (2020) Rosie is running from the UK to Nepal to support

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