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Running America – Marshall Ulrich

Marshall Ulrich has run more than 100-foot races averaging over 100 miles each, completed 12 expedition-length adventure races, and ascended the Seven Summits, including Mount Everest, all on his first attempt.

Yet his 3,063.2-mile run in 2008 from San Francisco to New York, the equivalent of running two marathons and a 10K every day for nearly two months straight, proved to be his most challenging effort yet.
His journey across America at the age of 57, took him 52,5 days and 32 pairs of shoes.

Featured in the documentary film Running America, Marshall clocked the 3rd fastest transcontinental crossing to date and set new records in multiple divisions. In his book Running on Empty, he shares the gritty backstory, including brushes with death, run-ins with the police, and the excruciating punishments he endured at the mercy of his maxed-out body.
He gives a fascinating glimpse inside the mind of an ultramarathon runner who’s facing the toughest challenges, overcoming debilitating setbacks, and finding deep fulfillment in something greater than achievement.
The death of the woman he loved drove him to begin running 30 years before and taught him that he felt truly alive only when pushed to the limits.

Marshall set new Masters and Grand Masters records and recorded the third-fastest crossing of the United States on foot.

The event is finished.


Aug 11 2020


San Francisco -> New York


  • Marshall Ulrich

    Knowing that his wife and mother of their newborn daughter was going to die of cancer, Marshall’s heart rate went through the roof. To release the pressure he started running.

    It helped him through the rest of his life to deal with the loss of his wife, his personal challenges of being a parent, to rediscover how to love later in life, as well as to overcome a mountain of self-doubt and insecurity. But it also let him explore the world and set numerous records by climbing the Seven Summits, running across America and Death Valley.

    “People have to get out to nature! It’s calming, nature gives us life basically. I think it’s essential to our psyche to get out,” Marshall says.

    You can find out more about Marshall Ulrich, his expeditions and races, and his bestselling book Running on Empty: https://marshallulrich.com/

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