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Running Pilgrimage & Yoga Retreat

An all-inclusive pilgrimage experience for runners of all levels.
Break free from the hassles of daily living, allow your body and mind to reset, while gaining new perspectives through deep, transformative travel.

The land of Israel, located at the heart of the levant region, is a unique place that connects three continents. From South to North, the landscape of Israel is constantly changing, from the Negev desert to the Hermon mountain.

The first stage will start in Eilat, near the Red Sea, known as a unique spot of coral reefs in the middle east.
You’ll follow the Arava valley where fields of date palms paint the view, then cross the hyper-arid Negev desert until the Ramon crater, a one of a kind geological area, colored by various types of stones.

In the second stage you’ll explore many Wadis (intermittent desert rivers), until arrival at Sde Boker, home of the first kibbutz in the desert.

In the third stage you will reach the Dead Sea area, known as the lowest point on earth, and enjoy amazing views of the Jordan mountains across the still water body.

In the final stage, you will go uphill from the Judean desert to a completely different ecosystem: the Jerusalem mountains, through pine, cypress and oak forests.
You’ll finish in the ancient old city of Jerusalem, home of the sacred temple built by King Solomon.

You’ll cover an average daily distance of 18,5km.

Each day will be accompanied by yoga, meditation sessions and conferences led by local people, who will take you on a spiritual journey of inner discovery and a collective pilgrimage.

Refind the essence of living through the reconnecting to yourself, to nature, and to the people and cultures around you.

Grow physically, spiritually and mentally during a week-long running experience that combines the best cultural and gastronomic offerings of the Negev Desert in Israel with outstanding running and spiritual activities.

Airport shuttle, accommodation, running guides, meals and daily sessions and conferences are included.

Image by Gidon Pico


Mar 21 2020 - Mar 27 2020


$2,890 until Jan 27, 2020; $2,990 Jan 28 - Mar, 2020

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Eilat Ramon
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