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Ultra Fiord

An International Trail Running event that takes place in the extreme southern end of Chilean Patagonia; a long journey that enters into the magical world of fjords. This region of the planet is characterized by thousands of kilometers of fjords, formed by the passage of gigantic glaciers since thousands of years ago.
This is possibly the country’s “best-kept secret.”

The journey into the world of fiords is both magical and mystical, as Genis Zapater (3rd place winner of 70K Ultra Fiord 2015) described, “This entire section floated below a forest worthy of being its own Lord of the Rings, which I was advancing through with goosebumps.”

This is a trail running event where you will need a sense of adventure to come face to face with one of the wildest natural landscapes, shaped by the unpredictable weather conditions and challenging terrains of Southern Patagonia. On the race course you will traverse across rivers, mud, peat bogs, glacier-filled mountains and big rocks, pushing your limits through a unique experience that is both rewarding and self-transcending.

“It has the potential to be a big, classic world race. It seems to me like what Hardrock was in the beginning, like before they thought ‘Oh, we should probably put a fixed rope on the snowfield coming off Virginius Pass’.
I really think it has the original Hardrock spirit.” 
Jeff Browning, American 100-Mile Winner.

Ultra Fiord is an Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) and Hardrock 100 qualifying race.

One of the fundamental objectives of Ultra Fiord is to contribute to the conservation and the sustainable development of the Chilean Patagonia. In line with this goal, efforts are focused on two main areas: environmental awareness and promotion of the region’s tourism, both geared toward aiding in the sustainable development of its local communities.

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Apr 24 2020 - Apr 25 2020

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Patagonia, Chile
Patagonia, Chile
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2 °C
Wind: 9 KPH
Humidity: 1 %
Visibility: 16 KM

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