Cradle Mountain Run

An 80 km run through Tasmania’s beautiful wilderness.

The Cradle Mountain Run is a one day traverse of Tasmania’s famous Cradle Mt to Lake St Clair Overland track. The beauty of this run is that it traverses wild alpine areas of Tasmania’s Cradle Mt Lake St Clair National Park and World Heritage Area. The altitude of the track in several areas of the plateau is greater than 1000 meters, which by world standards is not high, but here is well above the tree line. This low tree line illustrates the exposure and harshness of conditions that can prevail even in summer.

This is an estimated, not accurately measured 80km trail run limited to 60 runners. The event is a Run not a Race and mutual help is an important aspect. Hills are steep, the mud can suck your shoes off and roots and stones make the going slow for the less nimble footed.

The cut-off time is 13hrs.
The majority of finishers take between 12 and 13 hours finishing at Cynthia Bay between 6pm and 7pm.

The 40TH edition will take place on 1st February 2020.

Because of its difficulties, runners must provide evidence of their suitability to tackle this run. The current entry criteria are as follows:-
1) Minimum age of 18 years on race day AND
2) You must have completed a previous Cradle Run within the last three years (2017 on) OR one of the following race types in the last two years at the time of entry:

  • Any trail based single stage ultramarathon longer than 80 km finished within race cutoff time
  • The Tasmanian based Bruny Island Ultra Marathon (solo) AND the Triple Top Mountain Run (under 4 hours)Please Note: all results must be easily verifiable by the Cradle Run organizers (eg results on web). If information cannot be provided to easily verify results the organizers will reject the application.

Entries open by the end of October.
Payment must be made upon entry using Paypal or credit card. The entry fee will be $TBA / runner which includes membership of the Cradle Mountain Run Inc Association and a $50 park usage fee payable to the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Image by Daniel Engelbrekt

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Feb 01 2020


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Lake St Clair National Park
Cradle Mountain Lake, Tasmania


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Mostly Cloudy
20 °C
Wind: 10 KPH
Humidity: 1 %
Visibility: 14 KM

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