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Nepal Impact Marathon

This is not just a race, it is a 1-week adventure that takes you right into the heart of Nepal.
You will experience Nepal in ways few others ever have. Immersive and powerful.

You’ll even get to enjoy sunrise yoga in the shadow of the Himalayas, as well as the warm rum punch around our Sunset Bar campfire.
The way the group will come together throughout the challenge is truly addictive.

Understanding your impact, both direct and indirect is what the entire trip is all about.
We empower you to work hard and fundraise for grassroots organizations that fight every single day to achieve The Global Goals.

We camp in the shadow of the Himalayas.
We bring water to entire villages and schools.
We see a group of individuals become on community.
We run over 2000m of climbing up to 2350m of altitude.
We touch the lives of thousands.
You will never be the same again.

The race
After five days working and living in our stunning Athletes’ Village up in the mountains of Kakani, it’s time to run them.
The course has it all: Nepali villages, technical trails, Himalayan views, jungle running (watch out for leopards), and an epic arena finish.

Through the community, through the solitude of the stunning Shivapuri National Park, through the depths of your inner strength, the ultimate run.
Distances: 10km, 21km & 42km

42km – The Beast of Shivapuri
The Greeks invented the marathon, but Nepal is taking it to the next level. This distance is a brutal battle of man vs nature and will surely be the hardest but most rewarding race of your life. With 2000m of climbing on the trails of Shivapuri National Park, this 2 lap course is the ultimate test of a runners ability.

You will be pushed to your limit, you will feel like you can’t go on. But when you dig deep, when you keep moving you will earn the right proudly say you conquered The Beast Of Shivapuri.

21km – Half Marathon
A unique opportunity to run a simply incredible loop of Shivapuri National Park. Make no mistake about it, with over 1000m of climbing this is a course that is for strong runners who can take on these challenging trails.

You will take on our Savage Summit as well as some technical descents and a thrilling waterfall crossing.

A 10K race that feels so much further! This is a serious test for any runner. With almost 600m of climbing, finishing this race will feel absolutely amazing. If this is your first running race it truly will be the best.

Running with and through the Kakani community, this is our most popular route. For the fastest runners in Nepal this will be a competitive and thrilling race.
If you are not a runner, we invite you to hike this course.

There are several exciting opportunities to enjoy to extend your stay a bit longer.

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Nov 23 2020 - Nov 29 2020

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Kakani, Nepal
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  • Nick Kershaw

    Nick wanted to combine a number of the best things in the world, like travel, running and making a difference.

    But he didn’t want people just to donate and fund the charities he believes in. He wanted them to come out and see the projects and take part in it, so they would understand and take home why the projects are so powerful. And he also wanted to add a bit of running:-)

    With Impact Marathon Series he brings almost intangible huge Global Goals like no poverty, good health, equality and well-being to life, by showing participants what these things really mean on grassroots level.

    During a week you run, connect and work in a local community in Nepal, Kenya, Malawi, Colombia or Guatemala.

    Each Impact Marathon contributes to one of the 17 Global Goals, announced by the United Nations in 2015 to secure the future of the planet.

    During a week the runners work for a project, connect with locals, build friendships for life and challenge themselves. NIck shares highlights of the impact they made so far.

    You can check out his races and the impact they make on his website: https://www.impactmarathon.com

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