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        500 FESTIVAL

        One of USA’s largest festivals, preceding the Indianapolis 500-Mile car ...
        08 May
        June 2021


        As race director of the Great New York 100mile/100K Running ...
        19 Jun
        New York
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        The World’s Toughest Foot Race in the hottest and driest area of the USA. A very demanding and extreme running race, covering 135 miles (217km) non-stop from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, California. Start at Badwater, Death Valley, at the lowest elevation in North America at 280’ (85m) below sea level. Finish at Mt. Whitney Portal at nearly 8,300’ (2530m). The course covers three mountain ranges for a total of 13,000’ (3962m) of cumulative vertical ascent and 4,700’ (1433m) of cumulative descent.
        Race info: #Badwater135

        the Highest Road Marathon on Planet Earth. A race at 9,250 feet on a good quality gravel road under the Big Sky of Montana.
        Just 13 US-states have mountain peaks higher than this starting line. You are almost guaranteed to get a Personal Worst (PW), because of the high elevation and the 4 to 5-mile uphills and downhills that never dip below 8,500 feet. And you won’t care about getting a PW because this marathon really is all about the experience.
        There are only 200 spots, and it’s one of the American marathons that sell out each year.
        The Madison Marathon and Big Sky Marathon are scheduled as back-to-back races, two days on a row. Anyone who can do a Double Marathon at such a high altitude is a badass!
        In fact it’s a whole series of races scheduled between July 16-26, including a triathlon, duathlon, marathon, half marathon, 50K ultra and a relay race.
        Race info: #MadisonMarathon

        Cascade Crest is a challenging 100-mile trail run through the Central Cascades of Washington State. The course currently runs as a clockwise loop starting and ending in Easton, WA.

        The course runs predominantly through the Wenatchee and Snoqualmie-Mt Baker National Forests.
        Highlights include about 30 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, passage through the 2.5 mile Snoqualmie Tunnel, and lots of tall trees and tough trails!
        Race info: #CascadeCrest100

        An out-and-back 50-miles course mostly on single track trail along the Pacific Crest Trail in the Cleveland National Forest, with changing eco-cultures and beautiful vistas.
        The trail features numerous climbs, particularly on the “out” portion, as well as some rocky sections. It begins at an elevation of approximately 3,000 feet, reaching 6,000 feet in the Laguna Mountains.
        Race info: #PCT50

        Held on the Superior Hiking Trail in the Sawtooth Mountains paralleling Lake Superior in Northern Minnesota, not far from the Canadian border. Beautiful views of boreal forests, the Sawtooth Mountains, babbling brooks, rushing waterfalls, and abundant wildlife.
        A rugged, rooty, rocky, 95% single-track trail with near constant climbs and descents.

        The Superior 100 is known as one of the tougher 100-mile trail races: Rugged, Relentless and Remote. Probably not a good choice for your first trail or ultra race.
        But besides the  100-miler, there’s a 50 miles and 26.2 miles race to choose from.
        Registration via 15 day lottery registration period between January 1-15.
        The lottery drawing will be held thereafter with accepted registrations processed and the resulting start list published within 10 days of lottery registration closing.
        Time Limit-distance: 38 hours-100MI / 16,5 hours-50MI / 14 hours-26.2MI
        Elevation:~42,000 / 25,000 / 11,000 feet total elevation change
        Race info: #Superior100

        Discover Canada’s dense, raw nature and wildlife. Run into the eye of the wolf.
        An authentic trail running experience in the heart of Quebec. A Biosphere Reserve recognized by UNESCO.
        Summits where the wind carries the scents of the St. Lawrence River and the boreal forest.

        With the slogan “Ensemble, plus loin / Together Further”, Ultra-Trail Harricana wishes to reflect on the ways in which members of the trail running community can collectively help one another in getting through the COVID-19 pandemic.

        This theme will be an opportunity to put forward the values that are already part of the very DNA of trail runners: sharing, openness, mutual help and respect.  
        Race distances: 125k-65k-42k-28k-10k-5k
        Race info: #harricana

        The backbone of the 100-mile course is the Ice Age National Scenic Trail in Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine State Forest.
        The description of the course by Peter Gagarin, reported in Ultrarunning Magazine in 1996, still rings true:

        “The Ice Age Trail rolls and turns and twists through southeastern Wisconsin, in places a bit rocky and rooty and nasty, in places the most beautiful pine-needle-covered trail you could ever hope for; in places a steady progression of short, sharp ups and downs, in places very gently rolling.
        There are no deep canyons, no mountain passes, no thin air, no claim to be the toughest 100-miler. But 100 miles is still 100 miles. 
        You still have to deal with Mother Nature, with the night, with blisters and chafing and sore muscles, with trying to keep eating and drinking and running. 
        These factors are always there.”

        Time Limit-distance: 32 hours-100MI (solo and relay) / 19 hours-100K / 17 hours-38MI / 11 hours-50K
        Race info: #KettleMoraine100

        An extremely challenging mountain race held on Big Sky Resort property. Race participants will find themselves covering ALL types of terrain including jeep roads, forested single track trails, alpine ridge lines and even to the iconic summit of Lone Peak!
        The challenging steep and technical 50K with 3,200m vertical climb traverses exposed ridgelines and includes harrowing descents down steep scree slopes. The high point of the race is the Lone Peak summit at 3,403m altitude.

        The Rut Mountains Runs have become one of the most well attended and prestigious mountain running events in North America and the third year in a row as part of the Skyrunner World Series. As a part of the Series, many of the best mountain runners in the world will yet again, be in attendance. An extra 20% points are awarded in this race for the ranking.
        This is a true mountain course so please treat it with the respect it deserves! We strongly encourage you to become familiar with the course terrain before registering for this event.
        Time Limit-distance: 11 hours-50MI / 28K / 11K / Lone Peak Vertical Kilometer, Kids Fun Run 1K.
        Elevation: 10,500 ft / 3,200 m total elevation gain/loss.
        Race info:#TheRut

        9-13 OCTOBER 2020: MOAB 240 ENDURANCE RUN, UTAH, USA
        Solo, non-stop 240-mile footrace in one huge single loop through two mountain ranges surrounded by Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. Discover some of Utah’s most stunning and challenging terrain, including desert, canyons and slick rock.
        The course with 29,467 ft of ascent and 29,467 feet of descent starts from Moab by the Colorado River through the Canyons section and south to the Abajo Mountains, then north to the La Sal Mountains to finish in Moab.

        This is a very physically and mentally demanding non-stop multi-day event. Runners often experience hallucinations and sleep deprivation.
        Extreme weather in the canyons (heat) and in the mountains (cold, snow, high winds) is normal. In a few cases, participants must go over 20 miles between full aid stations and carry important recommended gear and water.

        Much of the terrain is rugged and remote. Participants will need to know how to navigate and read a map for safety reasons. The course will be marked with reflective ribbons and arrow signs and confidence markings the entire way. Although we mark the trails, runners may encounter sections with little to no markings due to natural causes, tampering, or differences in course marking styles.
        There are very exposed sections, dangerous cliffs, rock fall, snakes, spiders, scorpions, wildlife, and other hazards throughout the route.
        Runners must average 2.1 mph to make the aid station cut off, although some of the earlier aid stations (under 30 miles) will have closer to a 2.4 mph cut off.
        Runners may have a pacer after mile 55. Pacers are optional but not necessary.


        Just a well developed sense of adventure and a bit of craziness. No race requirements but 8 hrs of trail work.
        Registration for the Moab 240 closes in October.
        Time Limit – distance: 112 hours, that’s 4 days and 16 hours – 238 miles
        Elevation: 29,467ft gain/loss
        Race info: #MOAB240

        The coolest experience of your life!
        Run on the vast ice sheet and experience breathtaking polar landscapes in this challenging running event.
        The Polar Circle Marathon takes place in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. The endless ice and arctic tundra of this vast country make up the backdrop of this unusual race in which runners pass glacier tongues, moraine landscapes and the soundless, arctic desert. This is a rare opportunity to visit one of the most remote corners of the world while daring to take part in an extremely challenging running event.

        Part of the route takes place on the ice cap itself, but the main part of the course is run on the gravel road (often snow-covered) that connects the ice sheet with the small township of Kangerlussuaq, just north of the Polar Circle.
        The race features a classic marathon and a half marathon. If you sign up for the Polar Bear Challenge and you can run them both. The time limit for the half marathon is 4 hours. The marathon time limit is 7 hours.
        Runners still on the route after the time is up will be picked up by a race official or medical car and driven back to the finish area.
        Race info:#PolarCircleMarathon

        The 18th edition of the original costumed 100-mile trail run party and ultimate social event in McDowell Mountain Regional Park.
        This popular loop race is held on a ~20 mile rolling single track trail course, that covers most of the beautiful Pemberton Trail. It’s a pretty flat trail in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona, which was once home to the ancient Hohokam Indians.

        The 100K qualifies for UTMB. The 100 miler is a WSER and UTMB Qualifier.
        Race info: #JavelinaJundred

        An adventure from one of the highest mountains in Costa Rica called El Cerro de la Muerte (The Mountain of Death) to the Osa Peninsula in the Pacific that’s NOT open to everyone. It takes a specific type of person and runner in terms of running level, experience, and overall attitude.
        You’ll be a part of a pack of 16 runners with 2 running guides, exploring and traversing the South Pacific Costa Rican Jungle, sleeping every night in a different place and eating the local food. You’ll see places and people that you couldn’t otherwise.

        You’ll cover 96 miles in 6 days. The runs will take an average of 7 hours a day, including several stops to swim in the sea and rivers or to talk to people you meet on your way. Every few miles assistant points will be set by the staff to help you get to your destination.
        Race info: #SouthPacificJungleAdventure#RunTheWorldAdventures

        A tough 100K and 60K course with a mixture of single track trail, jeep roads, and pieces of an old stagecoach route.
        Many segments of the Black Canyon National Recreation Trail roughly parallel the old Black Canyon stagecoach road between Phoenix and Prescott.

        This historic trail is following a route from Spring Valley to New River that’s used since the times of pre-historic Native American travelers and traders. The Department of the Interior officially established the route as a livestock driveway in 1919, when it was used by woolgrowers from the Phoenix area to herd sheep to and from their summer ranges in the Bradshaw and Mingus Mountains. The trail north of highway 69 is still used as a cattle driveway. The trail ends at the Prescott National Forest boundary.

        The Black Canyon 100K is a Western States 100 qualifier. You must complete the entire 100K distance under 17 hours in order to be eligible for the lottery.
        It’s also a qualifying race for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB):
        100K: 4 Itra points
        60K: 3 Itra points.
        Race info: #BlackCanyonUltras

        An extraordinary experience with a blend of stunning locations, hugely impactful volunteering and the hardest race of your life. A volcanic backdrop, some massive social issues to support and meeting new friends for life.

        This is not just a race, it’s a week-long community engagement and world-changing adventure. This is your chance to link in with the exciting Guatemalan culture and create a platform for change. We are here to embrace the nation, to learn its history and to help develop the discussions and the opportunities to build a strong future for the country.

        The Athletes’ Village will be your home for the week and it’s an absolute beauty. Nestled up in the hills surrounding the UNESCO World Heritage town Antigua, you will be treated to views of not one but THREE beautiful volcanoes… including one that you might see spurting out lava in the evenings.
        You’ll rise each morning to yoga within the on-site avocado farm. You can also head out on one of our training runs.
        In the evening, the campfire will serve as a melting pot of stories and connections.

        Depending on your selected UN Global Goal you’ll be working with organizations in the region to bring about change in their communities.

        The race will take place on the 5th day. A tough, beautiful trail running route that will test you and inspire you in equal measure and will take you on a volcanic journey of exploration. Not much is revealed about what to expect on race day, but you can be assured that it’s not the ‘average’ race.

        Places are strictly limited to 85 people, because the Impact Marathon experience focuses on having enough people to make an impact, but not so many to lose the close, intimate experience.
        Race info: #ImpactMarathonGuatemala

        Three-day trail running stage race covering approximately 100 miles in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas in warm, partly cloudy weather. Technical Rating 5.

        Day 1: This run will take place on the Syllamo trails. Full aid stations will be provided at approximately 4-8 miles apart.
        Dat 2: “This is where the fun starts”. This run will be held on the Sylamore, Syllamo and Ozark Highlands trails that winds, climbs and descends through the beautiful Sylamore Ranger District including several creek crossings, past scenic vistas and bluffs and through dense forest. Full aid stations will be located approximately 4-9 miles apart.
        Day 3: This run will take place on the Syllamo trails. Aid will be provided at the halfway point.
        Race distances: 150K; stage per day: 50K, 80K, 20K
        Race info: #ThreeeDaysOfSyllamo

        The 2nd largest 50 miler in the USA. One of the American River 50’s strengths is it’s breathtaking, dramatic climb to Auburn at the end of the race, an ascent that leaves ultra runners looking for something extra while on a friendly dirt surface. Course Elevation: 3,800 ft climb and ~800 ft descent.
        The point-to-point route in El Dorado Hills offers a mix of pavement (27 miles) and trail (23 miles) which makes it a great race for beginning 50-milers and for those who want to run a PR.
        It is a qualifier for the Western States Endurance Run as well.
        Race distances: 50mi-27mi-23mi
        Race info: #AR50

        APRIL 2021: ZION 100, UTAH, USA
        (date to be confirmed)
        A challenging, scenic race through the southern Utah desert adjacent to Zion National Park.
        4 distances will be offered: a Half Marathon, 55K, 100K, and a 100 miler.
        Environmentally sustainable, destination trail races that push your limits and offer an unforgettable ultra adventure.
        Zion 100 mile is one of the 6 ultra trail races in The Grand Circle Trail Series that take place in the natural diversity of the Southwest. A challenging but beautiful wilderness with meadows, mountains, deserts, canyons, forests and lakes.
        Race info: #zion100

        The MMT is a challenging 100-mile trail ultra over a demanding, rocky course in the Massanutten Mountains of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.
        The course includes short but rugged mountain climbs.
        In May the weather is normally not brutal hot, but in prior years there was rain and violent storms.

        The event is noted for its well-stocked, friendly aid stations and good course marking.
        Entrants must be at least 18 years old and have met one of the following tests by the day entry opens (January 1):
        Completed an official 100-mile race or two official ultra distance races, at least one of which 50 miles or longer.
        Runners with five or more prior MMT finishes need not have a qualifier.
        Elevation: ~18,000 feet total elevation change
        Race info: #MMT100

        MAY 2021, CRUEL JEWEL 100, GEORGIA, USA
        (date to be confirmed)
        The 106 miles foot race covers 94 miles of trails and 12 miles of mountain roads in the beautiful Chattahoochee National Forest of the North Georgia Mountains. Along with your journey from Vogel State Park to Blue Ridge and back, you will experience tough single track trails and steep ascents and descents (33,000 feet of gain and loss!), with lush green hardwood forests, rocks, roots.
        You’ll cross a historic steel bridge over the Toccoa River and pass 20 aid stations before you reach your final destination.
        For tough and experienced trail runners! Cruel Jewel 100 is a Hardrock Qualifier.

        Cruel Jewel 50 is a point to point trail race which consists of 50 miles of trails and 6 miles of mountain roads. On your way to the finish line, you’ll pass 10 aid stations. The 15,000 feet of gain and loss is a bonus to keep you smiling!
        Both races are 2018 UTMB Qualifiers (4 and 6 Points).
        Race info: #CruelJuwel

        4-5 JUNE 2021: SAN DIEGO 100, CALIFORNIA, USA
        The course of this scenic and challenging 100 Miles race covers 5 distinct areas to include Lake Cuyamaca, Rancho Cuyamaca/Anza Borrego State Parks, Noble Canyon, Mt Laguna Recreational Area, and the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). The course is 85% single track technical trails and includes just over 13,000 feet climb/descent each.
        Applicants must have completed an official 50-mile race in less than 13 hours. 
        Anyone who has completed an official 100K or 100-mile run in the last 2 years.
        Race info: #SanDiego10

        the oldest trail race in America since 1905. The scenic 7.4 mile course is considered to be one of the most beautiful courses in the world, although the stairs and steep trails make it a grueling and treacherous race. The route from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach is part of Mt. Tamalpais State Park, Muir Woods National Monument, and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
        The number of participants is limited to 1500, to guarantee safety and protect the environment.

        There’s just one overall winner, regardless of age or gender. Decades before they were officially allowed into any other distance races in the United States, women raced over the Dipsea Trail.
        Legendary hero of the race, Jack Kirk, “The Dipsea Demon,” is a two-time winner who ran every Dipsea from 1930 until 2003. He passed away in January of 2007, at the age of 100.
        Race info: #Dipsea

        An epic mountain endurance adventure crossing through Little Bighorn and Tongue River areas of the Bighorn National Forest. This ultra-running event was created to preserve the atmosphere of the Bighorn Mountains, once threatened by a West Coast power development strategy called the “Dry Fork Project”.
        Through the commitment and perseverance of a few dedicated outdoor enthusiasts, attention to the potential fate of our mountains became a local concern.

        The Bighorn Trail Run was born during this process to increase public awareness of the natural beauty, rugged terrain, and unique geology of the Bighorn Mountains and the Dry Fork and Little Bighorn River drainages.

        The Bighorn Mountain Wild and Scenic Trail Run is in the top 10 most difficult ultras in the nation. 
        The challenging course is full of steep climbs, difficult down hills, shoe sucking mud, and relentless technical terrain leading you to spectacular views with a possible wildlife encounter here or there. Be prepared to endure extreme ever-changing mountain weather conditions and temperature variations.

        This runner’s trail is the showcase of the human spirit. You have 34 hours to navigate this remote, technical but well-marked out-and-back course with over 20,500 feet of ascent and 20,750 feet of descent, testing the most seasoned ultra-runners with 76 miles of technical single-track trail, 16 miles of rugged 2-track jeep trail road, and 8 miles of gravel road. rail team work endlessly to replace flagging during the event.
        Race info: #Bighorn

        19 JUNE 2021: TGNY100, NEW YORK, USA
        As race director of the Great New York 100mile/100K Running Exposition Phil McCarthy shows people the most beautiful spots of the Big Apple on foot, while helping to get the best out of themselves.

        The Great New York 100 Mile/100KM Running Exposition is an informal, small, low-key event that nevertheless promises to be an unforgettable running experience. It is an urban adventure, a running tour of New York City, beginning and ending in Times Square.

        The course is 100.3 miles. It runs north through Manhattan, over the Broadway Bridge into the Bronx, through parks and greenways to Orchard Beach, over the Triborough Bridge into Queens, through the Queens park corridor, including Flushing Meadows Park/Unisphere, then to Rockaway Beach, Coney Island, and the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan. The course will be marked but runners must be alert and attentive to markings and directions to avoid a wrong turn. The terrain is generally flat to gently rolling, with the biggest hills coming in the first 10 miles up through Inwood Hill Park, and the larger bridges that are crossed. There are about two miles of trails in Van Cortlandt Park and a short trail section at Orchard Beach and another short section in Alley Pond Park, otherwise the course is all paved.
        Much of the final 10 miles are run on streets where there may be heavy vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic, which is part of the “urban adventure” aspect of the race, so prepare to take extra care in traffic when you’re exhausted near the end.

        Between March and May several training runs are organized, free to join.
        Race info:

        A steep road race on the Auto Road Route 16 in extremely unpredictable weather.
        Mount Washington is the highest peak in New Hampshire, with 11,5% elevation. It can be like summer at the start of the race, and like winter at the 6288-foot summit. Snow, ice, fog, wind, and cold make the race extra challenging and sometimes even dangerous.

        The 7.6-mile Mt. Washington race attracts Olympic athletes, Boston marathon champions, and the best mountain running specialists in the world.
        Race info: #mtwashingtonautoroad

        The Western States 100mile Endurance Run from Squaw Valley to Auburn is the oldest and most legendary 100-mile trail race in the world. First used by the Paiute and Washoe Indians, later as the most direct route between the gold camps of California and the silver mines of Nevada.

        Due to the remoteness and inaccessibility of the trail, the Western States Endurance Run differs substantially from other organized runs. Adequate mental and physical preparation is of utmost importance to each runner, for the high mountains and deep canyons, although beautiful, are relentless in their challenge and unforgiving to the ill-prepared.
        Race info: WSER WS100

        16 JULY 2021: HARDROCK 100, COLORADO, USA
        Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run takes place every year in the San Juan mountains in Colorado. The 100.5 miles course has a total elevation change of 66,100 feet, with an average elevation of 11,186 feet; low point 7,680 feet (Ouray) and high point 14,048 feet (Handies Peak). The ultramarathon race is partly held on the old mining trails, to memorize the mining industry in Silverton, that came to an end in 1902, and to bring back life in what had become a ghost town. It’s a loop course on 4WD roads, dirt trails, and cross country. Participants have 48 hours to finish the race crossing the rugged terrain, snowy peaks and rivers. So mountaineering, wilderness survival and (night) navigation skills are as important as endurance. In order to complete the event, instead of crossing a finish line, runners are required to “kiss the Hardrock”, a picture of a ram’s head painted on a large block of stone mining debris. Current fast performances are held by Kilian Jornet (22:41), set in 2014 and Diana Finkel (27:18), set in 2009.

        The Hardrock 100 is the centerpiece of the “Rocky Mountain Slam”, which a runner completes if she/he finishes Hardrock plus three of four other races in the Rocky Mountains: Leadville Trail 100, the Bear 100 Mile Endurance Run, the Bighorn 100, or the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run. The award is presented at and hosted by the Bear 100 Mile Endurance Run, as this is the final run in the series. Date: July 20, 2018 Location: San Juan mountains, Colorado, USA Race terrain: trail, mountain Distance-time limit: 100M-48hrs Elevation gain/loss: 66,050ft.
        Race info: #Hardrock100

        6-8 AUGUS 2021: FAT DOG 120 TRAIL RACE, CANADA
        Scenic ultra point to point race in Canada, that straddles 3 stunning provincial parks and one recreational area in British Columbia, Canada in the Cascades Mountains. Just short of Everest for elevation gain. Fat Dog 120 mile is 8673 m, Everest 8848 m.

        Stunning alpine views, meadows of wildflowers, good mix of technical and non-technical trails, very little forest service road, point to point, challenging profile, sumptuous aid stations, great organization, enthusiastic volunteers, and a lake at the end for soaking. The 120-mile event is not for beginners due to the climbs.

        One of the toughest ultra’s in North America. Fat Dog made the shortlist in RunUltra race award list 2017
        Race distances: 120 miles, 70 mile, 50 mile, 40 mile, and 9 relay legs that cover 120 mile route
        Race info: #FatDog

        The coolest experience of your life!
        Run on the vast ice sheet and experience breathtaking polar landscapes in this challenging running event.
        The Polar Circle Marathon takes place in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. The endless ice and arctic tundra of this vast country make up the backdrop of this unusual race in which runners pass glacier tongues, moraine landscapes and the soundless, arctic desert. This is a rare opportunity to visit one of the most remote corners of the world while daring to take part in an extremely challenging running event.

        Part of the route takes place on the ice cap itself, but the main part of the course is run on the gravel road (often snow-covered) that connects the ice sheet with the small township of Kangerlussuaq, just north of the Polar Circle.
        The race features a classic marathon and a half marathon. If you sign up for the Polar Bear Challenge and you can run them both. The time limit for the half marathon is 4 hours. The marathon time limit is 7 hours.
        Runners still on the route after the time is up will be picked up by a race official or medical car and driven back to the finish area.
        Race info: #PolarCircleMarathon

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        7 AUGUST 2020: 500 FESTIVAL, INDIANA, USA
        One of the nation’s largest festivals, preceding the Indianapolis 500-Mile car Race which is nationally-televised on NBC Sports Network. The Parade attracts an estimated 300,000 curbside spectators, locals and tourists.

        With over 30,000 participants, The Mini is one of the US largest half-marathons, even larger than the famed Boston Marathon. The flat fast course attracts all levels of runners including Olympians Frank Shorter and Meb Keflezighi. The OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon alone draws more than 20,000 participants from outside greater Indianapolis, becoming more and more of a valuable tourism and economic impact driver. By getting nearly 35,000 moving…the Mini and 5k are very likely the state’s largest health initiatives…getting people focused on their health and well-being.

        The month-long celebration culminates a year of planning by 3000 volunteers guided by the 500 Festival, a not-for-profit organization.
        More info: #500Festival

        Oldest consecutively run annual road race in the world
        To revive the local spirit after San Francisco’s devastating earthquake and big fire in 1906, the San Francisco Bay to Breakers event was initiated in May 1912.
        In 1986 it was noted as the biggest road race by Guinness Book of Records.

        The race is famous for its party atmosphere with music and crazy costumes, and the Finish Line Festival.
        Although the police had to arrest some drunk people the last few years, it’s still one of the most popular races.

        The 12K course from the bay to ta ocean breakers on the other side of town includes the infamous Hayes Hill with a max incline of 11%.
        More info: #BayToBreakers

        Friends from around the world gather together for this California Central Coasts Original Trail Running Festiva.
        A weekend of trail running, camping, live music, dancing and running games. Register for trail runs of 10 miles, 30 miles, 60 miles, 100 miles, 200 miles or Four Day Endurance Run. All on a beautiful private ranch in Los Olivos California.

        The 8th annual Born To Run Ultra Marathon Extravaganza will feature a Four Day, 200 mile, 100 mile, 60 mile, 30 mile, 10 mile and 0.0km trails run. Mild springtime, coastal climate, gentle rolling hills, single and double track trail, wildflowers, red-tailed hawks, dark blue skies and pristine clean air makes for ideal running environment.

        The course is a fast 20-mile loop of single and double track trail 100% dirt. Gentle rolling hills with approximately 2300 feet of vertical gain per loop. Minimal but adequate aid approximately every five miles. Extremely easy crew access every ten miles. This relatively non-technical PR course is perfect for the advanced or novice distance runner. No qualifying standards, everyone is welcome.
        More info: #BornToRun

        The Bank of Marin Running Festival will bring together runners of all ages and abilities along with a scenic, rolling hill course on the backcountry roads of Novato. Run the Half-Marathon or opt for the shorter but still challenging 10K or 5K. There is the Run Like a Girl with the 1 mile for girls 12 or younger. It is all about promoting healthy lifestyles, team-building, and community engagement!
        With yoga sessions and attendance of Olympian guest Alysia Montano.
        More info: #RunAlameda

        (date to be confirmed)
        Leave the hustle and bustle of civilization behind and enter the isolated, yet lively, world of the Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock desert!
        An utopian playground for adults, with art, community, music, dancing, lots of dust, and the ten principles of the wonderful gift economy where no money is exchanged!

        Pull on your running sneakers on 28 August 5am, grab a bottle of water or hydration pack, your favorite energy snacks, and hit the playa for one of the most unique and insane 50K’s out there.
        Wear whatever you love best while running – whether that’s a tutu, sports bra and tights, or nothing at all. The race is a party!
        And be sure to have a Burning Man ticket (registration opens 21 March) – it’s impossible to run without one!

        Have your friends come to cheer you on, take a yoga class, run the beer mile, the 5k, run easy, or just hang out with some friendly folks. During the race there are cocktails, fun, music, and lots of cheering.
        More info: #BurningManFestival

        Experience the best the Wild Cherry Canyon has to offer: year-round sunshine, rolling green hills, unspoiled open roads, first class finish lines and more.
        An epic weekend of trail running, live bluegrass music, fresh hometown BBQ, ice cold beer and great race swag!

        This race will take you over wild undiscovered territories along the majestic California coastline where it’s rough, it’s rugged, and it’s dirty. You will have to dig deep to earn that sweet medal and hot cherry pie.
        You can choose between a 50 miles ultra, full and half marathon and 5K.

        You could combine it with the 2018 US Trail Running Conference on 29-31 August which covers 2 and a half days dedicated to all things trail running with guest speaker panels, star athletes, interactive workshops and a full expo.
        More info: #SloUltraFestival #USTrailRunningConference

        a social celebration. A meeting of friends who share a love of trail running, a passion for the outdoors, and an appreciation for the shared experience. Run, race, explore and enjoy Southern Utah.

        On day one of the Trailfest, you’ll see all of the beauty but avoid the crowds as you run 13 miles on remote trails through the magical hoodoos, unique to the Paunsaugunt Plateau at Bryce Canyon.
        On day two, you’ll run 12 miles along the edge of a mesa, offering you commanding views of the majestic sandstone towers that make Zion famous.
        The grand finale of the festival is the scenic 12-mile course on day 3, overlooking the Colorado River carving the Grand Canyon.
        More info: #GrandCircleTrailfest

        Once among the most important port towns in America, Baltimore recently turned into a city with world-class museums, trendy shops, ethnic restaurants, boutique hotels, culture and sports. Yet it remains intrinsically tied to the water. Known as ‘Charm City’ because of the intense, sincere friendliness.

        The 18th annual Baltimore Running Festival consists of a health and fitness expo, live music, interactive games, food and drink on race day, along with the 5 flat road races to choose from: a marathon, half marathon, team relay, and 5K, with finish in the harbor. It’s one of the fastest growing marathons with a projected total field size of 25,000. Online registration is open.
        The event supports a wide variety of charity groups.
        More info: #BaltimoreRunningFestival

        a great vacation getaway ultra with cheap flights, affordably priced hotels located 1-3 miles from the race venue, and big prize money.

        the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival on Presidents’ Weekend takes place in the Cornerstone Park, with desert landscape and a bird sanctuary lake, surrounded by a massive grass area, entertainment plaza, individual picnic pavilions with lake views, walking/running trails, volleyball and basketball courts, restrooms, BBQ’s, a warming kitchen and ample parking.
        Located minutes from the Las Vegas strip and just 10 miles from Las Vegas Airport.

        Races: 100 Miler, 50 Miler, 48hrs, Marathon, 24hrs, 12hrs, 6hrs.
        Invite family and friends and take full advantage of the 3-day Presidents’ Weekend. Enjoy Vegas’ awarding winning restaurants and catch a show on the strip as you celebrate and recover in style. Bet Big, Run Long and Hit the JACKPOT at the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival.
        To create a full-blown festival environment, a live band will perform throughout the day at the start/finish line aid station.
        A casino inspired buckle for 100-mile finishers, the official 2018 USATF 100 Mile Road National Championship race!
        More info: #JackpotUltraRunningFestival

        (date to be confirmed)
        Celebrate winter!
        This race festival in the snow takes place on a 10K golf course loop and a 5K mountain loop in Wasatch Mountain State Park, Midway, Utah. It will be the 12the edition.
        Race distances you can choose from: 50K, marathon (42.2K/26,1M), 25K, 15K, 10K & 5K.
        Race info:#BigFoot

        RunFest is an all-volunteer non-profit involving the local community and was therefore awarded the 2016 Road Race of the Year by the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA).
        You can run the fast and flat Anchorage Mile, or the scenic 5K, 13.1 mile, 26.2 mile, and 49K course.
        The 2018 United Physical Therapy 49K has been designated a Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) National Championship Event.

        The event includes also the 2018 Trails in Motion movie night, health, safety and fitness activities for kids and adults, a Jeff Galloway running clinic.
        More info: #AnchorageRunfest

        The video in this article is embedded with permission of Outside TV, which holds all copyrights.

        Discover city highlights, fascinating history and facts about a city while jogging or running. Capture the moment and take pictures along the way. A great way to explore a city on foot.


        City Running Tours has guided group tours 7 days a week as well as customized tours in 14 cities in the USA and Canada. Each group running tour is led at a casual pace with several stops along the way. Personalized running tours are completely customizable to the day, time, distance and sights you want to see. Pick-up and drop-off from any location, as well as photography, City Running Tours t-shirt and goody bag included. These runs are perfect if you are a tourist visiting the city, as training for the marathon or other race, or if you are a business traveler fitting a run into your schedule.


        Sacramento Running Tours
        San Francisco
        ChicagoGreeter, free 2-4 hour guided walks with a local
        Chicago Running Tours & More
        City Running Tours Chicago
        Popular Chicago running courses – Map my run
        Chicago Running Tracks
        New Orleans Jogging Tours
        New Orleans Walking & Jogging Tours
        Freedom Trail Run Boston
        Run Boston
        Grand Rapids
        St Louis
        Las Vegas
        NEW YORK
        Fit Tours New York City
        New York Oliday Running Tours
        New York City On Course Walk and Run Tours
        San Antonio


        Montreal Toronto Vancouver


        Mexico Running tours: explore the highlights of several cities in Mexico
        Los Cabos
        Mexico City

        An extended getaway to experience the best the Methow has to offer: sun, fun trails, snow-capped mountain views, wildflowers, and relaxation in the beautiful Winthrop’s Sun Mountain Lodge with amazing hot tub view.

        Bree Dillon of Motive Yoga Co will be your yoga leader. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience working with athletes of all kinds, helping them find more balance in their active lives.
        Enjoy a cohesive weekend of running, yoga, and how to transfer what you learn and practice this weekend to your daily life.

        You’ll tour the area on daily runs (or twice daily if you’re so inclined) lasting between one and four hours. You’ll have the chance to work on running technique, learn how to stay injury-free and how to eat for optimal performance with nourishing meals to fuel and refuel. Or, spend time between runs and yoga practice just hanging out by the pool: this retreat is for everyone!
        More info: Cascade Endurance Women’s Trail Camp

        You’ll be part of a pack of 16 runners exploring, traversing the South Pacific Costa Rican Jungle, sleeping every night in a different place and eating the local food.

        Your legs will take you to see places and meet people that would be impossible to know otherwise. You’ll cover 96 miles in 6 days of running.
        The runs will take an average of 7 hours a day including a lot of stops to swim in the sea, rivers, and ponds or to talk to people you’ll meet on the way. Every few miles assistant points will be set by the staff to help you get to your destination.
        Your luggage will be moved every day from hotel to hotel.

        To make this event possible the two extremely experienced runners Pablo Rodríguez and Sergio Sanchez will guide the group through all kinds of terrains, varying from clear wide tracks and small village roads to muddy, root-covered, slippery paths in the rainforest, rivers and beaches. The terrain can be very challenging and even more challenging in wet conditions. There are also many stream/river crossings. Your trainers will get wet mostly every day.

        This adventure is only for a very specific type of person and runner in terms of running level, experience, and overall attitude. Participants are expected to train hard in advance.
        More info: Run the world adventures

        For every type of runner and walker! 
        Alaska: take on the challenge of running or walking the beautiful trails in Anchorage, Juneau and Ketchikan, and a fun and amazing race in Skagway. Every event is well marked, safe and by the end of the week you’ll earn a big honkin’ Alaskan Medal!

        Carribean Islands: You’ll actively explore the islands running and walking around the authentic sites Tampa -Roatan – Costa Maya – Belize – Cozumel.

        This All-Inclusive running and walking cruise includes several run/walk events for all levels of runners, run-walkers and walkers, clinics with Coach Jenny Hadfield and John “The Penguin” Bingham, group parties and events with like-minded active travelers, accommodations and all meals.
        More info: Running Cruise

        Choose your own dates for this six-day tour along sacred Mayan trails.
        Experience the rich Mayan culture surrounding Lake Atitlan, an expansive body of water contained within an ancient caldera. You’ll be at more than 5,000 feet above sea level as you run from village to village.

        After running each morning, afternoons are free for exploring historic sites, enjoying zip line adventures, getting a massage, learning how to make corn tortillas by hand or soaking in a lakeside wood-heated hot tub.

        Transportation to and from the Guatemala City Airport, seven nights in boutique hotels, daily meals and snacks, bilingual tour guides, park entrance fees, one-hour professional massage, lake kayak rentals, forest canopy zip line tour and travel insurance will be arranged for you.
        More info: Run the world adventures

        Athletics Canada is a national sport governing body for track & field, cross-country & road running. They are committed to developing a network of healthy, strong and sustainable sports clubs across Canada, providing a variety of programs and services to participants of all ages and stages of development.

        Hopdash is a resource to connect and inspire runners on the go. Find a running club or community, whether you’re traveling to a new city or simply exploring at home.

        Moms RUN this town offers free group runs, training programs and races for women, mothers and otherwise, in the USA and Canada.

        The Road Runners Club of America is the oldest national association of running organizations dedicated to growing the sport of running since 1958. The RRCA champions the development of community-based running clubs and events that serve runners of all ages and abilities in pursuit of health and competition.

        Running in the USA is another big directory of races and clubs on the continent.

        The Running Room is a free two-weekly run club with 110 locations in Canada, United States and Hawaii. Runners of all levels run in a social, supportive group, which builds a true sense of community in each location. As a retailer of sporting goods, apparel and footwear, they operate in 114 corporately owned stores from coast to coast. They also offer all kinds of training programs to prepare you for 5K races up to marathon distance.

        Trail Run Project by REI features several running clubs across the USA, Canada, and a few in other countries.

        Runners Clubs & Communities Chicago
        Chicago Running Meetup
        TimeOut Top 10 Chicago running clubs
        Three Run Two Chicago; running events for first-time runners as well as for ultrarunners
        Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA) – training and support of the Chicago running community

        • Race
        • Expedition
        • Festival
        • Tour
        • Training/Vacation

        The annual Come to Galapagos Marathon will be held as a private event for international runners, each of whom sponsors a local runner by paying for their entrance fee and optionally sending them running gear before or bringing it with them. The event will be open to international runners who also participate in the Come to Galapagos Marathon Tour Package, which includes an 11-day trip to enjoy the best of what the Galapagos got to offer.

        Your bilingual Galapagos National Park guide will be available dawn to dusk for whatever you may need. He/she has a thorough knowledge of the geology, biology and history, as well as the experience of living on the Galapagos. Make the most of your time, whether it’s iguana watching, giant tortoise, sunset viewing, snorkeling or relaxing in a hammock and enjoy the local food.
        Race distance:  marathon (42.2K/26.2 miles) – half marathon (21.1K/13.1 miles)
        Race info: #ComeToGalapagos

        Located in the middle of the Americas, Medellin is a Colombian city in the department of Antioquia in one of many valleys in the Andean Region. With a population of about 2.4 million inhabitants, it is the second most populated city in the country and the 11th city of the South American continent.

        The Medellín Flowers Marathon is a pioneer of the great street races in Colombia, to promote street athletics in the country. The first marathon was held in the city of Medellín 22 years ago, when participants did only one-third marathon. Only a hundred spectators attended. The Medellin Marathon has evolved significantly since then. Today it counts on 15 thousand participants in four distances, for all levels.
        Race distance:  42K, 21K, 10K, 5K
        Race info: #medellin

        The course of the Atacama Crossing takes competitors across a wide variety of terrains and includes approximately 1,683 meters (5,521 feet) of ascents and 2,508 meters (8,228 feet) of descents over the 6-stage race.

        Starting at just below 3,200 meters (10,500 feet) in the Arcoiris Valley, the race gradually descends over the six stages to finish in the pretty town of San Pedro de Atacama at an elevation of 2,400 meters (7,900 feet).

        Competitors will tackle sand-dunes, river crossings, gravel, loose rocks, hard packed earth and even waist high grass during the event. This is in addition to the infamous salt flats that even the most dexterous of runners find nearly impossible to cross at full-speed.

        The Atacama Crossing (Chile) is part of the Racing the Planet 4 Deserts Series, named by TIME magazine as one of the Top 10 Endurance Competitions in the world.
        The Atacama Crossing (Chile) 2018 is the fourteenth anniversary edition of the event.

        The Atacama Desert is the archeological jewel of Chile. The rainless plateau stretches 960 kilometers (600 miles) south from the border of Peru and its average width is less than 160 kilometers (100 miles) wide between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains, and its center is recognized as the driest place on earth.
        Race info: #AtacamaCrossing

        Final of the Golden Trail World Series in Villa la Angostura.
        An extremely hilly course with 2192 meters of cumulative elevation gain, that’s going up and down the mountains all the time.
        A challenging trail race on muddy tracks through forests, along Lake Nahuel Huapi, and crossing a glacial river.
        “It’s a splendid race with breathtaking scenery that allows you to run at all times. At the panoramic points of Cerro Bayo I wanted to stop taking pictures … I’ll try to come and defend this title.” – Kilian Jornet
        Race distance:  42K – 15K
        K42 is part of KSERIES, one of the world’s largest mountain and trail racing circuits of 30 stages in 3 continents, covering distances from 5 to 42 kilometers
        Race info: #EspírituK42

        The marathon will begin near the Tropic of Capricorn adjacent to Lascar Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in Northern Chile.

        At a start altitude of 4,475m (14,682 ft), the Volcano Marathon is the highest desert marathon in the world. The impact of thinner air will be felt, but the spectacular, panoramic views of up to 10 volcanoes will also leave you breathless.
        The first half of the race takes place on dirt roads and rough terrain alongside a gorge. The finish line is located at an altitude of 3,603m (11,821 ft) where the temperature could be 25C+.
        A few days acclimatization at San Pedro, which lies at 2,600m (7,900 ft) includes training runs and visits to the Salt Mountain Range, Valley of the Moon and Valley of Death, with surreal, lunar shapes, gigantic sand dunes and rocks that resemble the surface of Mars. It’s little surprise that NASA tests equipment here, when planning missions to the Red Planet.
        Race distance:  marathon (42.2K/26.2mi) – half marathon (21.1K/13.1mi)
        Race info: #VolcanoMarathon

        Live a unique experience in Chilean Patagonia, challenging the imposing Osorno Volcano, symbol of the Llanquihue Lake basin and the wonderful Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park.
        Race distance Vut Kids 8.5K, 17K, 32K, 48K, 48K, Dupla, 102K, 102K, Dupla and 102K.
        Race info: #VulcanoUltraTrail

        Patagonia Run is a race of roads and mountain tracks in San Martin de Los Andes. San Martin de Los Andes has one of the most impressive landscapes in the world, located in the most beautiful of the Andes – Patagonia – Argentina.

        Patagonia Run is a non-stop mountain trail run for individual runners, which includes 6 distances for all athlete profiles, from trail run debutants and short-distance runners to long ultra-marathon distances and slope experienced runners.
        With an elevation gain of 9.000m, Patagonia race is a challenging race and the speed required to complete the 145k is 29 hours.

        Maximum hours to finish the race will be the following: 36 hours for 100 mi, 27 hours for 100K, and 21 hours for 70K. Deadline to cross finishing line for all distances is 11:59 pm.

        Patagonia Run is part of the Ultra-Trail World Tour, and a qualifying race for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) and Western States Endurance Run (WSER).
        Race distance:  100 miles, 100K, 70K, 42K, 21K and 10K
        Race info: #PatagoniaRun

        Live a unique experience in Chilean Patagonia, challenging the imposing Osorno Volcano, symbol of the Llanquihue Lake basin and the wonderful Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park.
        Race distance Vut Kids 8.5K, 17K, 32K, 48K, 48K, Dupla, 102K, 102K, Dupla and 102K.
        Race info: #VulcanoUltraTrail

        (date to be confirmed)
        An exciting trail adventure across different rural paths and hills.

        OSDE Tandilia Crossing is a 14hrs competition divided in two days or two stages: Saturday and Sunday.
        This race can be done alone or in teams. Competitors will classify according to their times in both stages, which will be timed by a chip system.

        Teams: if there are two members, both of them will have to run together.
        It’s not a relay race; both will have to complete the total course.
        Race distances:  60k – 42k – 21k (equally divided over 2 days), 10k
        Race info: #CruceTandilia

        JANUARY 2021: BRAZIL 135
        (date to be confirmed)
        The Brazil 135 is held in the Serra da Mantiqueira mountains (a sub-range of the Andes Cordillera) in the state of Minas Gerais. This lush mountain range separates Rio de Janeiro from Minas Gerais state and is one of few remaining areas with the extensive Mata Atlantica ( Atlantic Coastal Rainforest) in southeastern Brazil. It is dotted with pretty little towns and national and state parks.

        Considered the most difficult foot race in Brazil, it is run on the hardest, most challenging segment of the Caminho da Fé (Path of Faith or Way of Faith), the most difficult Brazilian pilgrimage path. The primary objectives of the Caminho da Fé pilgrimage are the experience of moments of reflection and faith through the exercise of walking – the integration of man with nature and with religion.

        The Brazil 135 Ultramarathon was inspired in concept and in spirit by the Badwater Ultramarathon in Death Valley, California. If you have a strong athletic resume but did not qualify for Badwater Ultramarathon, applying for
        Brazil 135 Ultramarathon could be an extraordinary opportunity since it is a qualifier for Badwater.
        It’s also a qualifying race for the Western States Endurance Run and Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (4 Itra points).

        Participation is by invitation only for 120 die-hards.
        Race distances:  126K -24hrs, 135 miles/217K – 48 hrs, 175 miles/281K- 60hrs, 281 miles/452K (relay) –
        Race info: #Brazil135

        23+24 APRIL 2021: ULTRA FIORD, CHILE
        An International Trail Running event that takes place in the extreme southern end of Chilean Patagonia; a long journey that enters into the magical world of fjords. This region of the planet is characterized by thousands of kilometers of fjords, formed by the passage of gigantic glaciers since thousands of years ago. This is possibly the country’s “best-kept secret.” The journey into the world of fiords is both magical and mystical, as Genis Zapater (3rd place winner of 70K Ultra Fiord 2015) described, “This entire section floated below a forest worthy of being its own Lord of the Rings, which I was advancing through with goosebumps.”

        This is a trail running event where you will need a sense of adventure to come face to face with one of the wildest natural landscapes, shaped by the unpredictable weather conditions and challenging terrains of Southern Patagonia. On the race course you will traverse across rivers, mud, peat bogs, glacier-filled mountains and big rocks, pushing your limits through a unique experience that is both rewarding and self-transcending.

        “It has the potential to be a big, classic world race. It seems to me like what Hardrock was in the beginning, like before they thought ‘Oh, we should probably put a fixed rope on the snowfield coming off Virginius Pass’. I really think it has the original Hardrock spirit.” – Jeff Browning, American 100-Mile Winner
        Ultra Fiord is an Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) and Hardrock 100 qualifying race.

        One of the fundamental objectives of Ultra Fiord is to contribute to the conservation and the sustainable development of the Chilean Patagonia. In line with this goal, efforts are focused on two main areas: environmental awareness and promotion of the region’s tourism, both geared toward aiding in the sustainable development of its local communities.
        Race distance:  100mi, 100K, 70K, 50K, 42K,30K
        Race info: #UltraFiord

        MAY 2021: ATACAMA XTREME
        (date to be confirmed)
        Atacama Xtreme was born to be a world-class running event and as part of the 5 Continents 100 Miles Grand Slam. Designed for all types of runners, including the most demanding.

        In distances of 50K, 80K and 160K non stop you can experience the best of the Atacama Desert. The average altitude is 2500 meters. There will be salt flats, dunes, roads, etc. The Atacama unrelenting sun makes the experience even harder.
        The 160K Ultramarathon is an emblematic distance, and in this case absolutely magical and extreme. Mostly runnable, though not simple and with a time limit of 32 hrs.
        Race distance:  50K, 80K and 160K
        Race info: #AtacamaXtreme

        4-12 JUNE / 7-12 AUGUST 2021: INCA TRAIL MARATHON
        The Original Inca Trail Marathon to Machu Picchu & Inca Trail Classic 30K to Machu Picchu
        An unforgettable outdoor and cultural adventure! Run the Inca Trail Classic 30K course or 26.2 mile Inca Trail Marathon option. Explore ancient archaeological sites of Cusco and the Sacred Valley.

        The Inca Trail Marathon to Machu Picchu follows the original pilgrimage trail that leads into the religious capital of the Inca Empire, the legendary “Lost city of the Incas” – Machu Picchu! The run is moderate to strenuous over mountain terrain at altitudes ranging from 8,000’ to 13,779’. You will see archaeological sites only seen by those that complete the entire Inca trail. On the Inca Trail, you will sleep in a comfortable campground, and porters carry the gear.
        Enjoy exploring the wonders of Machu Picchu. Fully-stocked aid stations and trail support.
        Race info: #IncaTrail

        Discover South-America by running from The Andes to the Amazon.
        The Jungle Ultra will test your endurance as you run 230K on tough jungle trails, mountain roads and village tracks, making your way from Cloud Forest and down 10,500ft to the Amazon Jungle.
        You will experience the virgin forests, diverse wildlife and numerous tribes of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest as you complete this 5 stage event.

        As you are in the jungle you will face humidity levels reaching near 100%, making sweating useless in maintaining your core body temperature, leaving you saturated for extended periods of the race, and indeed when you finally reach camp.
        For the race itself, you will be self-sufficient carrying your own hammock, sleeping bag, food and supplies for the entire race, replenishing your (minimum) 2.5 liters of water along the way at checkpoints and base camps.

        The 230km race distance is split into 5 stages with a maximum of 6 days to complete the challenge.
        There are checkpoints every 10 to 15K providing water and aid.
        Race info: #jungleultra

        (date to be confirmed)
        Running on steep glacial moraines and gravel roads, overviewing clear blue lakes and snow-covered mountain peaks.
        This vertical race is part of the annual Festival del Andinismo (a mountain sports and film festival).
        Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) Qualifying race.
        Race distance:  50K, 21K, 13K (night race), 6K
        Race info: #UTCB

        The event will take place in the Ica desert, 300 km south of Lima. Endurance lovers competing in this second edition will discover the most beautiful South American desert. They will move about in one of the world’s driest regions, with huge dunes and sandy plateaux perched between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Cordillera.

        Of course, the organizers will export across the Atlantic the core values that have patiently laid the foundations of MARATHON DES SABLES: thirst for challenges and adventure; sharing with the largest number of people; safety of everyone; self-respect; and care for the environment. Organized with the full and active support of the Peruvian authorities, MDS PERU also aims to spotlight the beauty of this charming region.

        Approximately 120 km divided into 3 stages (30km-65km-25km), to be completed at free pace in self-sufficiency conditions in a desert environment, with the support of a quasi-professional organizing team.
        Race info: #MdSPeru

        July 2012
        April 2016
        Apr 24 2016 - May 12 2018

        Via PanAm

        January 2018
        No event found!

        A running and fitness event with music and entertainment, including a 10K and 5K road race through the city of Paraguay.
        More info: #RunningFestivalParaguay

        A sports festival that includes Ultra Trail Cordillera Blanca mountain races on 29+30 June of 50K, 21K, 13K (night race), and Vertical 6K. But also lots of entertainment like paragliding exhibition flights, mountain cinema, wine tasting, talks and expo, food fair and music.

        Run on steep glacial moraines and gravel roads, overviewing clear blue lakes and snow covered mountain peaks.
        The vertical race is an Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) qualifying race.
        More info: #FestivalDelAndinismo

        Unforgettable trail running through the Cordillera Blanca or Huayhuash.
        Enjoy scenic day runs on the beautiful alpine trails of Huascaran National Park along with altitude training on some of the most classic trekking routes through the high Peruvian Andes.

        The Santa Cruz Trail is the most popular and beautiful trekking route through the Cordillera Blanca. This 28-mile trail passes by many of the waterfalls, crystal lakes, and high peaks that define Huascaran National Park.

        Trail or Mountain running is taking a stronghold in the Cordillera Blanca (Huascaran National Park) just outside of Huaraz is becoming more and more popular. In the Southern Cordillera Blanca, the pristine Valleys (Quebradas) and farmlands lend themselves to hours of runs/hikes where one can enjoy the impressive terrain and views without the influence of the bustling city of Huaraz. In addition to training and casual runs there are organized runs from 10 km to 80 km throughout the year.
        More info: Cordillera Blanca Trail and Mountainrunning Training

        Experience The Northern Andes, The Runner Encounters Gripping Tales Of Lost Treasure And Sights Unforgettable.
        More info: Cordilleras Blanca and Huayhuash Adventure Run

        Run back in time through the streets of the historic center of Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
        Learn about the culture and history of this beautiful city. Besides running the (half) marathon, you can enjoy traditional Cuban dishes, dance salsa, visit coffee plantations, walk in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway, visit a Havana Club Rum Museum and support and stay with locals.
        You’ll also learn about living life in Havana from a local guide.
        More info: Havana Marathon Tour

        13 Day Running Adventure Northern Chile, Bolivia and Southern Perú
        This adventure combines some of the world’s most impressive landscapes. We go through expansive deserts, impressive dunes, deep gorges, isolated mountain passes and other natural marvels of the high “altiplano” in the Andes:

        • Atacama Desert – the driest desert in the world. (Northern Chile)
        • Salar de Uyuni– the largest and highest salt flats in the world. (Southern Bolivia)
        • Lake Titicaca – the highest navigable lake in the world. (Perú and Bolivia)

        Includes ground transportation in Chile, Bolivia and Perú, quality hotels, all meals, guided tours, and on-trail support.
        More info: Andean Triangle Running Adventure

        • Race
        • Expedition
        • Club
        • Festival
        • Tour
        • Training camps & Retreats

        You can enjoy the stunning views of the Garden Of Ireland along this scenic route.
        A challenging course with short stretches of cross-country and rugged trails, and steep sustained climbs that will force all participants to speed-hike or walk. You are rewarded with a downhill finish overlooking Dublin City.

        All the terrain needed for a great trail race: plateaus, very fast flat, fast technical trail, fun fast downhill and a scenic uphill.
        Mud, Big Rocks, Little Rocks, Some Dirt with Rocks, Rocks with Dirt, Gravel with Rocks, Rocks with little Rocks, a few Tree Roots, Rivers, Boulders, Tunnels of Ferns, Heather and some Grassy Trail sections.

        You will have the exquisite challenge of climbing the peaks across some of the most spectacular scenery Ireland has to offer.

        The Wicklow Way (WW) 50 Mile can also be run as a WW50 relay, where 2 runners each cover 25 miles. Each relay-team is self-sufficient. One team member drives and the other runs.
        Th WW100 is an Out & Back version of the WW 50 Mile.

        Runners must finish within the 36-hour time limit and there are strict cut-offs at every aid station on the route.

        Wicklow Way is limited to 100 entrants. Places are open on a first-come, first-served basis.
        In order to enter the event, you must have completed at least a 50-mile distance race for the 100 Mile and a 50k for the 50 Mile between 1st January and race day.

        The 12th edition of the RacingThePlanet Ultramarathon will take place in the Southern Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia. The host town is Tbilisi, the charming and colorful capital of Georgia. Renowned for its green valleys and vineyards, ancient culture and history, monasteries and castles from medieval times, delicious food and wine, and picturesque countryside villages dotted around the mountains.
        The Great Caucasus will take you back in time to cross the mysterious lands between Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

        The total distance of the course is approximately 250 kilometers / 155 miles.
        Georgia is a country of hills and mountains so the course has some elevation and hills, but there is no technical climbing involved.
        The majority of the course is at an elevation of 1,000 to 2,000 meters / 3,300 6,600 feet but there are some sections that are approximately 3,000 meters / 10,000 feet. The course is primarily on single track, fields and donkey trails. The terrain will consist of a combination of grasslands, fields, rocky terrain, gravel tracks, river beds, open plains, forest trails and some river crossings. #RacingThePlanetUltramarathonGeorgia

        This loop race around the saltiest lake in Europe and across the semi desert of Russia is more than just a race challenging athletes’ endurance; it’s a true fight with yourself. Elton is an Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) classified trail race that takes place under extreme climate conditions. The temperature averagely hits +40 degrees centigrade so consider your regular marathon being just a light warm up!
        You can choose from a 42K master race, an 82K night race and an ultimate 100 mile ultra.

        (date to be confirmed)
        Greek Historian Herodotus wrote that Pheidipides ran 246K in 1,5 day to deliver his message in Sparta.
        Four English men followed the route description of Herodotus to find out or this was possible for a human being.
        They indeed managed to finish within 36 hours.
        The historical Spartathlon was born. It is called an Ultra Marathon, like any race with a distance beyond a Marathon (42.2K). Since 1983 this race takes yearly place in September and attracts Ultra Runners from all over the world.

        “Running God” Yiannis Kouros ran the first Spartathlon (246K) from Athens to Sparta in 21h53’40” in 1983 and still holds the course record. Yiannis Kouros is the number one Ultra Marathon runner, who set more than 160 world records up to now. All of these records remain unbroken until today. When Yiannis was 51, he broke his own world record though, which he made 21 years earlier!

        Described as the world’s most grueling race, the Spartathlon runs over rough tracks and muddy paths (it often rains during the race), crosses vineyards and olive groves, climbs steep hillsides and, most challenging of all, takes the runners on the 1,200 meter ascent and descent of Mount Parthenio in the dead of night. This is the mountain, covered with rocks and bushes, on which it is said Pheidippides met the god Pan.
        The race is very demanding, not only because of the distance, but also because of the six strict time cut-offs and weather conditions.

        24-27 SEPTEMBER 2020: 100 MILES OF ISTRIA
        Explore the beautiful diversity of Croatia with unspoiled nature, a long and rich history and culture and a mild Mediterranean climate.

        100 Miles of Istria is the biggest Croatian trail race that covers the entire peninsula.
        It started in 2013 with only 237 competitors and has now evolved into one of the most important trail running events in the region.
        A growing event with a truly personal touch, thanks to the dedicated organization and over 400 volunteers.
        It’s a great experience for the +1300 participants of all levels, coming from 52 countries all over the world.

        Since 2016, 100 Miles of Istria is part of the Ultra-Trail World Tour, which is a collection of the greatest ultra-trail races around the globe.
        Istria 100 is an Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) and Western States 100 (WSER) qualifying race.
        Race distances: 100M, 110K, 67K and 41K

        Prepare yourself to enjoy a wonderful sight… but also get ready for this amazing challenge.
        Transvulcania Ultra Marathon is one of the toughest trail running races of the world, with a distance of 74.33km and 4,350 meters of positive cumulative gain and 4,057 meters of negative cumulative gain.

        From the start line, located at sea level, the course climbs to Roque de Los Muchachos (2421 m.), the highest point on the Island, then descends to Tazacorte and ends in Los Llanos de Aridane where the finish line is surrounded by an amazing environment with lots of people.
        You need to be in excellent physical condition to be able to enter the race, but it’s definitely worth the challenge. Here’s what ultrarunners say who accomplished it:

        “A beautiful route, an exceptional environment, an excellent organization and an entire island united for a common purpose,” Luis Alberto Hernando.
        “At the Faro de Fuencaliente you feel a mix of enthusiasm and nervousness just before the challenge begins. There is nothing like that moment, it’s a fantastic experience,” Anna Frost.
        “A tough route enlivened by its outstanding landscapes. The sunrise framed by the other islands in the distance is just spectacular,” Kilian Jornet.

        Besides the Ultramarathon you can run a Half Marathon, Marathon or KM Vertical.
        Transvulcanica has been part of the Skyrunner World Series since 2012 and opens the yearly season of The International Skyrunning Federation (ISF).

        Transvulcania is also included in the Skyrunner National Series

        9-11 OCTOBER 2020: TEC 100MILES RUN, SWEDEN
        The TEC 100MILES race is one of The 5 Continents Grand Slam 100 miles races and one the 4 Swedish 100 miles Grand Slam races.
        It’s a qualifying race for the Western States Endurance Run and Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB). Besides a 100 mile race you can join a 50 miles race, both a day and a night, 100 miles, 200 miles and a relay of 50 or 100 miles.

        The beautiful race track takes place on mostly gravel and some kilometers with single track in the forrest, with some asphalt as well. One lap is 11.5km so you will run 7, 14 or 28 depending on your choice of distance!

        The pioneering test for large french trails created in 1999, well before the wave of ultra trail.
        100K rustic and wild with 4910 m+ elevation for lovers of “great” trail through the Causses.

        The race will start at the foot of Black Causse, majestic in the sight of the full moon.
        Soon you’ll be confronted with the technical challenges of the variety of these plateaux and valleys.

        Beautiful forest tracks will lead you through deep gorges, small villages and medieval caussenards: Paulhe, Compeyre, Peyrelade, Mostuéjouls, Liaucous, Le Truel, La Roque Ste Marguerite, Pierrefiche.

        A very varied course including The Sauveterre and Peak of Agudes, Eyglazines, the famous trail Balcony of Vertigo, the cliffs of Rajol, Roquesaltes, La Roque-Sainte-Marguerite and Riou Sec ravine.
        You’ll enjoy a stunning final night by the Pompidou cliffs, overlooking the valley of Dourbie.

        ENDURANCE TRAIL: 100K (63 miles) – elevation gain 4800 m+
        GRAND TRAIL DES TEMPLIERS: 76 km (46 miles) – elevation gain 3000 m+
        INTEGRALE DES CAUSSES: 62K – elevation gain 2800 m+
        MARATHON DES CAUSSES: 38K – elevation gain 1600 m+
        MONA LISA TRAIL: 28K – elevation gain 1000 m+
        VO2 TRAIL: 19K – elevation gain 700 m+
        LE TRAIL DU VIADUC: 18K – elevation gain 680 m+
        LE TRAIL DES TROUBADOURS: 13K – elevation gain 450 m+
        KD TRAIL: 9K – elevation gain 300 m+, for cadets and juniors
        LA TEMPLIERE: 9K – elevation gain 300 m+, for women

        UTMB/ITRA points: 100K-3 points UTMB, 62K-2 points UTMB

        A beautiful course in the heart of nature, following the Great Zêzere Route and the Tagus Paths, crossing all kinds of terrain and even rivers, during night and day.

        The 100K race distance (2180m D+ / 2180m D-) can be covered solo, as a duo really, or as a 4-person relay team. It has a cut-off time of 12 hours.

        All athletes who finish the Abrantes 100 Trail qualify for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) 2019 with 4 Itra points.

        The Abrantes Trail 100/2 and Abrantes 100/4 can be completed in three different ways: Male Escorts, Female Escorts and Mixed Escorts.

        One of the wildest trail running competitions in Beskid Niski, Poland; 5 distances up to 150km.
        Registration opens January until September or earlier if spots are filled up.

        The race starts in Krynica-Zdrój, known as the „pearl among the Polish health-resorts” and one of the most important resort towns in Poland with its unique beauty of nature, complex culture and fascinating traditions that has been stealing visitors’ hearts for over 220 years of its existence.

        For ŁUT 150 you need to prove your UTMB points (at least 3 points obtained in no more than two races, 6 points according to new ITRA system) or mountain running experience.

        Time Limit-Distance: 35hrs-150K / 22hrs-80K / 13hrs-70K / 8hrs-48K / 5hrs-30K
        Elevation: +5860/-5970m / 4460+-m / 2520+-m / +1400/-1310m / +740/-735m

        The traditional story relates that Pheidippides (530 BC–490 BC) was sent to Sparta to request help when the Persians landed at Marathon, Greece. He ran about 240 km (150 mi) in 36 hours. He then ran the 40 km (25 mi) from the battlefield near Marathon to Athens to announce the Greek victory over Persia in the Battle of Marathon (490 BC) with the word νικῶμεν (“We have won”), to then collapse and die, probably from exhaustion and dehydration and lack of fuel.

        To honor Pheidippides, the Marathon was initiated. It was one of the original modern Olympic events in 1896, though the distance did not become standardized until 1921, with an official distance of 42.195 kilometers (26 miles and 385 yards).

        The Athens Marathon, which is held every year in November, still follows the route from Marathon to Athens, though not exactly the way Pheidippides ran it. The course includes 20 km of hills and even steep elevation.
        Apart from the full marathon, there’s a 10 and 5 km distance to choose from.

        To respect the environment and let you enjoy Ibiza Island, its mountains, the diversity of the landscape, and last but not least, your relations with other participants, the 5th edition of 3 Días Trail Ibiza – Ultra Ibiza is limited to 500 participants.

        Ultra Ibiza 85K is the most grueling race for the bravest athletes.
        It starts in Sant Antoni and finishes in Ibiza city, summits the most representative peaks of the island (Sa Capelleta, Sa Talaia, Puig d’en Serra, Serra Grossa…) and runs through beaches, raw nature and the best views of the islet of Es Vedrá. From the summit of Sa Talaia you can enjoy an almost complete view of the island. The course stretches alongside the heavenly beaches of Cala Tarida and Cala Comte boasting crystal-clear water and of course, a spectacular sunset awaits.

        Ultra Ibiza is a qualifying race for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB).

        This race is the winter edition of a unique cycle of 4 mountain marathons in the Beskidy Mountains, one race in every season of the year. Four routes in four beautiful locations on a similar distance but with a different character and level of difficulty.

        A distance of over 50 km and an altitude of almost 3,500 m will allow you to end the season with the overpower and check yourself in difficult winter conditions by traversing among others Skunk, Malinska Rock and Sharp.
        On each route will be waiting for you nutritional points, a regenerative meal at the finish line and a unique, commemorative medal, which is also one of the four parts of the medal for the entire cycle. In addition to the normal classification for each of the events, we will also classify separately on the basis of the total time from all four runs – so you can fight to the end.

        MARATON LEŚNIK ZIM is a qualifying race for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) 2019:
        NADLEŚNIK: 68.3km (4440m D+ / 4430m D-): 4 Itrapoints
        MARATHON: 41.8km (2880m D+ / 2870m D-): 3 Itrapoints
        POŁMARATON: 26.7km (2080m D+ / 2080m D-): 2 Itrapoints

        This race in Thessaloniki connects the past with the present, crossing within 42 km over 2.500 years of Macedonian history and Hellenism. Run from past to present, along remains of the Royal Palaces, tombs and golden treasures and discover Alexander’s the Great Heritage.

        The International Marathon “ALEXANDER THE GREAT” refers to the route Pella-Thessaloniki.
        Pella is the ancient capital of Macedonia and the birthplace of the great Commander, whereas Thessaloniki is the modern Hellenic metropolis of Macedonia and the second largest city of Greece. It was founded in 316 BC and named after the sister of Alexander the Great.

        The International Marathon is a member of the International Marathons Association (AIMS) and has the Bronze IAAF Marathon road race label. Apart from the full Marathon distance, you can join a 5K and 10K race.

        The Azores islands are considered to be one of the great secrets kept on earth. Their location, which for a long time made them not easy to reach, not calling much attention, was also responsible for keeping this piece of the Atlantic unexplored.

        The Archipelago of the Azores was selected as the second best islands in the world for Sustainable Tourism by National Geographic Traveller. The Azores are indeed the perfect destination for someone who wants a lifetime experience surrounded by living elements – unexplored nature.

        EPIC Trail Run Azores is a trail race that takes place on the biggest island of the archipelago: São Miguel, with 64,7 km in length, 8 to 15 km width, and 140.000 inhabitants. The altimetric profile is shaped by the three main mountain ranges: Tronqueira Mountain; Fogo Lake, Sete Cidades Lake – East/West direction, separated by a low platform named Picos area.

        The race will begin in Sete Cidades lake shore, one of the seven natural wonders of Portugal, which is the largest lake with fresh water in the whole archipelago and therefore a scenery of real beauty.

        Another highlight of the event is the passage through Água de Pau mountain range, in the volcanic, classified as a regional natural reservation since 1974. The highest height is Barrosa Peak, with 974m maximum height, where runners will be able to appreciate astonishing views over Fogo Lake, with Ribeira Quente village on its north and Vila Franca do Campo islet on its south.

        The finish line is at Caldeiras das Furnas near the Furnas lake, the perfect place to be familiar with abundant volcanic hot springs that heat the soil where holes are dug to cook the famous and typical “cozido” dish. The race contemplates the pathways over this geothermal phenomenon.

        The race can be run solo (100K, 40K, 15K) or in a duo-relay (2x50K).
        EPIC TRAIL RUN AZORES is a qualifying race for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) 2019:
        EPIC 100: 704.6K (3980m D+ / 3930m D-): 5 Itra points
        EPIC50X2 – RELAY 1: 57.4K (1840m D+ / 1950m D-): 3 Itra points
        EPIC50X2 – RELAY 2: 49.7K (2340m D+ / 2280m D-): 3 Itra points
        EPIC OPEN 40.7K (1780m D+ / 1600m D-): 2 Itra points

        (date to be confirmed)
        The Sierra de Chiva is the largest Municipal Natural Park in Valencia, with mountainous rugged terrain and ravines.

        The three courses have a variety of asphalt, paved roads and paths:

        Master 61K 3.000mD+, cut-off time 12 hrs. Max 300 spots available.
        Trail 35K: 1.450mD+, cut-off time 6 hrs. Max 300 spots available.
        MiniTrail 13K: 450mD+, cut-off time 2.30 hrs. Max 200 spots available.

        All athletes who finish the Master 61K qualify for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) with 4 Itra points.

        (date to be confirmed)
        A network of beautiful paths through vineyards and wineries and hard technical climbs in spectacular nature makes it the marathon of mountains which brings together ca 1000 participants each year. Cut-off

        The 100K is a unique opportunity to enjoy the majestic forest heritage of the municipality of Cehegin in an epic adventure that is only suitable for the most demanding sportsmen who want to be tested. You’ll need to give proof of experience and medical health to be accepted as a participant.

        The 18K promo is a challenge created for all fans and lovers of this sport who do not dare to make the leap to Marathon Falcotrail or the new Falcotrail Ultra. It is a very beautiful route with views of the city of Cehegín, that will be liked by both young and old. The maximum time to complete the challenge is 5 hours.

        Falcotrail 2017 was part of the Spain Ultra Cup and is a qualifying race for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc.
        Ultra 100K: (102.6km / 5180m D+ / 5180m D-), cut-off time: 21 hours, qualifies for 5 Itra points.
        Marathon 45K: (45.8km / 3260m D+ / 3260m D-), cut-off time: 11 hours, qualifies for 3 Itra points.
        Promo 18K (18.2km / 870m D+ / 870m D-), cut-off time: 5 hours, qualifies for 1 Itra point.

        Given World Heritage status in 2001, The Jurassic Coast Path through Dorset is quite simply unique. This is the only location on the planet where in a few short hours of trail running you will travel through a few million years of earth time; all with the ocean as a glorious backdrop. Oh yes, and those years are represented in hills…

        Come and join this tough trail runner’s paradise.
        Distances to choose from: Ultra plus, Ultra, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K.

        Coastal Trail Series Dorset is a qualifying race for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) 2019;
        ULTRA PLUS 73.8K (2700m D+ / 2700m D-): 4 Itra points
        ULTRA 53.6K (1990m D+ / 1990m D-): 3 Itra points
        Coastal Trail Series Dorset

        With more than 65 editions, the Saintélyon is a monument in the history of running in France.

        The mythical night raid between Saint-Etienne and Lyon, Dean of ultra racing has become a real phenomenon and the biggest race nature of the hexagon in terms of participants.

        Trail and road race at the same time, (40% of trails and 60% of roads), endurance race par excellence with the adventure, the Saintélyon is the end-of-season cult meeting and literally appeals to all those who participate, solo or relay.

        Running at night, in the heart of an immense frontal ballet on the ridges of the Lyonnais mountains is always, whatever the weather conditions, synonymous with magic.

        The various distances to choose from are 72K, 44K, 22K and 12K.
        The 72K race (1930m D+ / 2250m D-) qualifies for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) 2019 with 4 Itra points.
        The 44K race (1100m D+ / 1620m D-) qualifies for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) 2019 with 2 Itra points.

        The longest race of the Circuit of the Trail in Sicily of 66K that will give you unforgettable moments.
        You’ll see the sun rise from behind the Etna. A trip through mud and snow which will run along Lake Biviere and Lake Maulazzo, both over 1,300 meters of altitude, will also touch the highest peak of the largest park in Sicily reaching 1.850 meters of Monte Soro.

        Many rivers to cross in the uncontaminated nature of the oak, beech and beech woods, accompanied by the flight of buzzards and griffins, and the inevitable black pig of the Nebrodi.

        Immediately after the arrival the effort will be forgotten and will remain only the memory of a journey in a unique and wonderful environment.
        The 65.5K trail race (2700m D+ / 2700m D-) qualifies for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) 2019 with 4 Itra points.

        There will also be the opportunity to participate in the 20 km Trail of Mazzaporro and the Walk trail on the same distance.
        Your companion can enjoy guided tours to discover the treasures of Cesarò and Nebrodi.

        This Winter Trail is the little sister of the Templar Festival.
        In the land of Roquefort, an authentic terroir, in the land of the Templars, an area rich in history, that of agro pastoralism.
        Much more than a trail, a real dive in these great Grands Causses to experience a winter adventure, mineral and gourmet. A great first not to be missed, a homecoming, a Trail’Origin spirit.

        For the fourth edition, 5 races can be run:
        ASTRAGALE TRAIL 62K from medieval town of Couvertoirade, cross the entirety of the South Larzac, with beautiful ascents and descents and technical sections, to the finish in the cheese city Roquefort.

        MARATHON DE L’ORCHIS 35K, ADONIS TRAIL 24K and Carline Trail bypass beautiful cliffs, cross through medieval villages, dive into valleys, include technical rises, crossing bridges, reaching plateaus with passages to rocks and chaos.

        THE ROQUEFORT ILLUMINES 7K night race, open to all, runners as hikers and walkers. Each person at his own pace!
        It is an accessible route mid-urban through the alleys and the multiple staircases of Roquefort (an urban trail side !!!) and mid-countryside along the small stream of Soulzon. When you walk at night through this narrow path in this valley bottom, it is already a scent of adventure that envelops this escapade to the front which ends with a good hot soup offered to all.

        The 61.6K ASTRAGALE TRAIL (1980m D+ / 2140m D-) and 39.8K MARATHON DE L’ORCHIS (1970m D+ / 1980m D-) qualify for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) 2019 with 3 and 2 Itra points.
        Hivernale des Templiers

        Night trail around and in the old town of Freiburg. An authentic, wild and technical single 30K course, 70% on paths and singles, 30% on roads, in and around the city of Fribourg, including the Pérolles lake, Glâne bridge, Marly bridge, Gottéron valley. An immersion in the atmosphere of Christmas lights in a city full of charm.

        A qualifying race for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) 2019:
        31,5K race (1170m D+ / 1170m D-), cut-off time 4.5hrs: 2 Itra points
        Fribourg by Night Trail

        (date to be confirmed)
        11th edition of the Trails du Tour du Canton offers a 82K, 44K, 24K race to run individually or to run and bike together from start to finish.
        Nordic walk and Walk (> 6 km/h) are allowed only on the 24 km race

        The race qualifies for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) 2019:
        The 82K individual race (81.8km / 1760m D+ / 1760m D-, cut-off time 14hrs) gives you 4 Itra points.
        The 44K individual race (43.9km / 820m D+ / 820m D-) gives you 2 Itra points.
        Trails du Tour du Canton

        (date to be confirmed)
        Discover the Spanish region Catalonia and enjoy the mild winter. A race that starts in the traditional small town of Santa Cristina in the Aro valley, to the coastline of the Costa Brava.

        The Ardenya Mountain Marathon is the toughest test of the event and has a route only suitable for the boldest. This is an ultra-resistant race that goes through a circuit with a length of 63K.
        You will not only climb and run downhill, but also run through beach sand along the coast of two of the most beautiful coves in the area.

        The race qualifies for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB).
        You can choose distances between 10 and 63K

        (date to be confirmed)
        This new winter track, with departure and arrival in Torri di Arcugnano (Vi), partially retraces some of the paths of the classic Ulberbericus, to touch the seven bell towers of the seven villages of Arcugnano.
        Discover the trails, mule tracks and hilly territory of the municipality of Arcugnano in Veneto.

        There are 2 race distances:
        Ultrabericus Winter Integrale 34K 1400 D+, time cut-off 6 hrs
        Ultrabericus Winter Speed 17K 600 D+

        The 34K race qualifies for Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB).

        (date to be confirmed)
        Discover the valleys between Besse and Super Besse during this Winter Trail.

        Whether you are experienced trail runners, novices or hikers, one of our courses is for you. Online routes (place of departure and arrival different) with a common goal, to conquer Super Besse.

        3 courses, 3 challenges: 25K – 1000 D+ / 15K – 600 D+ / 9K – 350 D+

        Discover a multitude of sectors, types of paths and landscapes.
        Technical single tracks through the wild valleys of the Couze Pavin and Vaucoux, beautiful panorama’s of Sancy, Cézallier and the majestic Pavin Lake, and an ascent of Puy de Montchal, where the best prepared will make the difference.

        The 25K demanding course will end up guiding you to Super Besse by the mythical Way of the Cross of Vassivière. Qualifies for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB).
        The 15K and 9K route are a bit more accessible and are allowed to be hiked.

        (date to be confirmed)
        During this ultra-endurance race along the Andalusian coast of Almeria, you’ll cross a landscape immortalized in several classic movies.
        Films like “Lawrence of Arabia” or “Patton”, blockbuster hits like “Indiana Jones and the last crusade”, “Connan” or “Baron of Munchausen” and Spanish films like “Vivir no es Fácil con los Ojos Cerados” and “El Niño”. A wide variety of views and landscapes together in one event, the perfect setting to discover legendary filming locations and practice sport and photography.

        The race starts in Aguamarga (Níjar), traverses Parque Natural Cabo de Gata and finishes in Toyo-Retamar.
        Ultra-marathon: 75 Km
        Marathon: 43,7 Km
        Trail 31,9 Km
        Ultra Maraton Costa De Almeria

        Enjoy unique panoramas of the magnificent Gulf of Trieste between Italy and the Slovenian highlands, in an alternation of fast terrain, steep ascents, fast descends reminding the Dolomites, and breathtaking views over a turquoise sea.
        A tough path, rigid conditions, but full of surprises.

        The 164K Ipertrail is about choosing the right strategy. The fastest and the most skillful wins. Not just the fastest.
        Start whenever you want, decide your race strategy. The stopwatch starts with you.
        Other Distances: 57K, 21K, 8K

        February 2021: Tjörnarparen 50 & 100k trail ultra, Tjörnarp, Sweden (date to be confirmed)
        Tjörnarparen is a hilltop in the wonderfully beautiful mid-moon forests. You’ll run over volcanoes, on shackles, on muddy single track trails, dirt roads, small technical paths and unpaved, well-cut terrain.

        This small race with ca 300 participants has two ultra-distances to choose from, 50K or 100K.
        The 50k runners run the course from A to B and the 100k runners make two turns. The start and finish are in Tjörnarp.
        A new opportunity this year is a 50K with variable dusk start. A really exciting challenge!

        Tjörnarparen is a qualifying race for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) 2019:
        100K: 102.8km / 1460m D+ / 1470m D-: 4 Itra points
        50K: 51.1km / 700m D+ / 710m D-: 2 Itra points.

        Transgrancanaria is an annual race on the island of Gran Canaria, since October 2003.
        Participants must cross the island on foot, passing through several aid stations where they can replenish their water and food supplies, also giving the organization a chance to monitor the competitors’ progress.

        Crossing the island on foot in less than 30 hours, participants can find rain, sun, mud, dust… but above all they will enjoy direct contact with nature. The course is the same for everyone and will be fully marked to avoid errors.
        The Transgrancanaria has six different races, making it accessible for runners of all levels:

        • 360º: distance: 265 km. elevation: +16.500 m. 101 hrs
        • transgrancanaria: distance: 125 km. elevation: + 8.000 m. 30 hrs
        • advanced: distance: 83 km. elevation:+ 4.300 m. 22 hrs
        • marathon: distance: 44 km. elevation: + 1.200 m. 12 hrs
        • starter: distance 32 km. elevation: + 750m. 10 hrs
        • promo / family trans: distance 17 km. elevation: +- 300m. 6 hrs

        The 360º is an individual, self-sufficient challenge of high difficulty.
        From the starter level and up are qualifying races for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB).

        9-11 April 2021: THE ABBOTS WAY ULTRATRAIL, ITALY
        This 125K mountain race (gain/loss: 5.500D+) from Bobbio to Pontremoli follows an ancient route in northern Italy, called Via degli Abati.
        This route was used by Irish pilgrims who visited the abbey of Saint Colombano in Bobbio and passed several monasteries on their way to Rome.
        It’s a qualifier for WSER and UTMB (5 ITRA-points)
        The Abbots Way Ultratrail

        An exciting challenge across the island from sea-to-sea, with an ascent to the highest peaks of the island (Ruivo and Areeiro) with long and stressful climbs and stairs, but also stunning views of the valleys, crests, plateaus, rivers, and sea.

        The 7th edition (2015) reached the record number of 1329 participants from 36 countries, and raised the sporting level of the event, integrating the restricted UTWT – Ultra Trail World Tour circuit, with the status of “future race”.

        Besides the Madeira Island Ultra-Trail (MIUT) of 115 km, races with shorter distances of 85 km, 43 km or 16 km can be chosen.

        1 MAY 2021: ULTRA MILANO-SANREMO 175M/285K, ITALY
        Europe’s longest point-to-point road ultra marathon is beautiful from the first 75 miles, winding through the Italian countryside and authentic farming towns, to the “mountain,” a 25-mile journey up and down the “Passo del Turchino,” to the absolutely stunning final 75 miles hugging the Italian Riviera.

        While the temperatures are typically moderate (50s and 60s), and the terrain is basically flat (considering the distance), it’s a huge challenge to run 175 miles nonstop, within two days. It’s not the right race for people who’re quite new to ultrarunning.

        The city of Salzburg, UNESCO world heritage site and the breathtaking region of the SalzburgerLand, are the stage for Austria’s most famous ultra scenic run.
        The 102,5k course takes the participants from the city center in front of the Cathedral along the trail of Sound of Music through one of the most magnificent regions of Austria with its beautiful forests, meadows, hills, rivers to lake Fuschlsee and back.
        The race has a total elevation of 2.525m.

        Runners and accompanying supporters who do not wish to cover the full distance, can choose from three alternative events over 56K, 25K and 11,5K.

        The North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail in the heart of the Italian Dolomites is an incredible 119K race with 5.850m elevation gain and 30 hours limit.
        It’s part of the Ultra-Trail World Tour, THE international circuit for ultra trail running races, and a qualifier for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB: 4 points / 5 new points).
        The scenic mountain trails of the Dolomites make it an unforgettable experience.

        The Lavaredo Ultra Trail is combined with two other UTMB qualifying races as well:
        the 19.6K Cortina Skyrace with 1000m elevation (UTMB 1 point / 3 new points) and the 47k Cortina Trail race with 2650m elevation (UTMB: 1 point / 3 new points).
        Together with workshops and the presentation of new gear, it’s a three-day running festival for runners of all kinds of levels.
        #cortina #Lavaredo

        The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (also referred to as UTMB) is a single-stage mountain ultramarathon. It takes place once a year in the Alps, and follows the route of the Tour du Mont Blanc through France, Italy and Switzerland.

        This challenging race with numerous passages in high altitude (>2500m), in difficult weather conditions (night, wind, cold, rain or snow), needs a very good training, adapted equipment and a real capacity of personal autonomy.

        Ca 2300 people will be sharing the dream that they’ve been preparing for during many months. You’ll be rubbing shoulders with Aiguille de Bionnassay and crossing Col du Bonhomme by moonlight. At sunrise, you will cross Col de la Seigne into Italy and the magical Val Veni overlooked by Noire du Peuterey and the glaciers descending Mont Blanc. Later you will reach the Val Ferret, guarded by Dent du Géant and Grandes Jorasses before finally turning into Switzerland to relish the beautifully protected countryside.

        You will have to deal with fatigue and overcome your fears and anxieties. Some participants, having pushed their limits to the extreme, will choose to break off the race keeping intact their hopes to make it from beginning to end at some later date. They will be rewarded for their achievement and their names will be added to the list with everyone else at the end of the race.

        The others will climb over Bovine and Les Tseppes. Then, with Aiguille Verte in front of them, under the vertical heights of the Drus and with majestic presence of Mont Blanc before them, they will dive down towards the finishing line in the heart of Chamonix.

        Because of the success of the event, registration for the UTMB races is governed by two principles: a points system, for runners who have previously completed qualifying races, and a draw.
        This system ensures that the runners have the experience necessary to participate in one of the UTMB races, and it manages the number of participants so that the races take place in good conditions (quality, safety and with respect for the environment). 
        Registration opens December.

        The organization offers 4 individual races (UTMB®, CCC®, TDS®, OCC) and an adventure in teams (PTL®) meaning welcoming almost 8000 participants coming from 87 different countries:
        UTMB: Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (166 km +9,600 m)
        CCC: Courmayeur – Champex – Chamonix (101 km +6,100 m)
        TDS: Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie (119 km +7,250 m)
        OCC: Orsières – Champex – Chamonix (53 km +3,300 m)
        PTL: La Petite Trotte à Léon (approx. 300 km +28,000 m)

        Third edition of this trail run, which crosses the upper part of the Amalfi Coast-Positano, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, described as“The coast that sees and is not seen.”

        It is a coast above all mountains, that hides fabulous hiking trails that offer a different holiday with scenery and unforgettable views.
        You’ll run on paths, mule tracks and stairways, along through luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation and rocks, through oak and chestnut woods.

        The Amalfi Positano Wine Trail is a 43.3K race (2720m D+ / 2720m D-) in 2 stages, that qualifies for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) 2019 with 2 ITRA points.
        Amalfi Positano Wine Trail

        Excited about all these beautiful races and places?
        Get free updates of running adventures!

        The video in this article is embedded with permission of the International Spartathlon Association (I.S.A.) which holds all copyrights.

        April 2004
        October 2006
        July 2008
        September 2013
        April 2014
        No event found!

        September 2015
        December 2015
        June 2016
        September 2017
        June 2019
        July 2020
        No event found!

        Since RUN PACK was founded in 2013 by a group of runners that had their own vision of a running crew, it’s become an established part of the Berlin running community. The international club of family and friends gathers for weekly runs and weekend events in Berlin/Mitte.
        A great way to meet and share your passion, party, hang out, train and even travel together to races abroad to explore other cities.

        29-31 May 2020: ULTRA FESTIVAL, UK
        A great chance for ultra runners to hang out with each other, camping, drinking, eating and exchanging stories around a fire pit, with plenty of beer available at reasonable prices.

        Old hands at the sport, people who are just considering an ultra, all are welcome.

        There’ll be talks, Q&As, and ‘how-to’ sessions and lots of opportunities to relax, or train if you want to.
        Enjoy three days of catching up with other runners of all levels, in Radford, near Bath.
        More info: #UltraFestival

        The fourth edition will be held at Huccaby Farm, nestled in a more secluded valley in Hexworthy. A perfect little haven for families and first-time visitors to Dartmoor on a lovely bend of the River Dart.

        A family-friendly event for nature lovers, including entertaining and expert speakers from the world of ultra running and adventuring, children’s activities such as forest school, capture the flag and foraging workshops, as well as races for all ages and levels.
        The main running events are the ideal entry-level ultra, marathon, half marathon and 10K.
        More info: #FamilyTrailRunningFestival

        5-6 September 2020: EDINBURGH MARATHON FESTIVAL, UK
        Edinburgh was voted the World’s fourth most beautiful city in 2015.
        The festival with 6 individual and relay races from 5K to marathon distance has something to offer for everyone.

        Voted the fastest marathon in the UK by Runner’s World in 2008. Enjoy a fantastic all-encompassing route which takes in some of Edinburgh’s most iconic landmarks as well as offering picturesque views along the East Lothian coastline.
        More info: #EdinburghMarathon

        15-18 October 2020: FESTIVAL DES TEMPLIERS, FRANCE
        Grand Trail des Templiers is the french’s oldest and most prestigious trail race. The first edition was held in 1995 and many runners consider it the greatest trail running festival in France.

        The city of Millau and the Black Causse area make a fantastic playground for an awesome trail running adventure.
        More than 8000 runners register each year for this 3-day celebration of running and other outdoor activities, music and fireworks.

        After the start of the race at night, the course, which is a good combination of large trails and single-tracks, will offer you iconic sceneries with secret ravines, old castles, ghost villages, small cities where bands playing the accordion to welcome you.
        On this journey into the wild you will explore terrific landscapes like the gorges of the Dourbie, the cliffs of the Larzac, canyons, and the Owl Cave.
        More info: #FestivalDesTempliers

        The festival will take place at the Glencullen mountain range within the Dublin mountains (Irish: Gleann Cuilinn, meaning “valley of the holly.”

        Glencullen is one of the highest villages in Ireland; the highest point of the area is at an attitude of about 300 metres (980 ft).
        Starting beyond Bornaralty Bridge, the well marked trail route zig zags through the Dublin Mountains along the Old Wicklow Way, Prince Williams Seat Junction, Ravens Rock, Old Granite Quarry, crossing into the Wicklow national park and crossing the Wicklow way before returning towards Bornaralty Bridge taking in some breathtaking views of both the Dublin & Wicklow Mountains while keeping Dublin City & Coastal line in your view.

        It is a 25km Loop race with 4 distances to choose from: 10km 25km 50km 100km.
        More info: #DublinMountainTrailRunningFestival

        Annual 16-day event on a 1K loop course on the former airport of Athens.
        It includes a 24hr, 48hr, 6 day, 1000K and 1000 mile-race.
        It’s currently the only annual 1000-mile and 1000K race in the world.
        The 2018 edition took place in January; the dates for 2019 are not known yet.

        German multiday runner Wolfgang Schwerk holds the course record for the 1000K (6d/23hr/32min/09sec (split)) and for the 1000 miles (11d/23hr/18min/32sec) since 2010.
        More info: #AthensUltramarathonFestival

        Originally organized in 2013 to raise funds for Alzheimer Scotland.
        A no-frills event with marathon, half marathon and 10K, open to runners of all abilities, with the emphasis on minimizing costs and passing the majority of the entry fee money to the charity.

        The races are run along a quiet private road on the shores of Loch Katrine (starting and finishing at the Trossachs Pier) in the Trossachs. It is a challenging route, but runners will be rewarded with some excellent scenery and views.
        The Triple Crown title is awarded to any runner who has completed each of the 3 races/distances in order of distance over 3 consecutive years.

        Loch Katrine has an Eco Camp of lochside lodges.

        Experience a fascinating ultramarathon at Finnish night of the midnight sun!

        First 6-day race in Finland. The festival offers also 72/48/24/12 hour options plus a marathon every day. The 24 hour will also be the National Championships. Max 30 runners per event.

        The course is a 1.5 km road loop at the sports hall Virkku in Kauhajoki. The organizers provide basic services, three warm meals a day, showers, toilets and a communal indoor resting place.
        More info: #KarhuMaratho


        City running or Sightrunning is a fun, active, healthy and sustainable way of traveling the world. A great way to explore city highlights and meet other runners around the world.

        Sightrunning Dublin The Phoenix Park sightseeing running tour is a wonderful opportunity to explore one of the largest walled city parks in Europe. It is also a nice way to explore (part of) the course of the Great Ireland Run. During the running tour you’ll pass many historical buildings like this Georgian mansion, once owned by the Guinness family. Other highlights are the Wellington Monument, Papal Cross, the Magazine Fort, Áras an Uachtaráin, Peoples Garden and Dublin Zoo. But you’ll probably look eye in eye with some deer too. More info about Sightrunning Dublin on Sight Jogging Dublin Tours.

        Sightrunning Brighton If you’re traveling the United Kingdom and you’ll visit Brighton for the Brighton Marathon or another purpose, consider running along the beautiful seafront of the city as preparation for race day or just for fun. City Runs organizes a great route around Preston Park. If you want to take it slow Brighton City Walks can show you around. #BrightonMarathon

        Sightrunning Milan Jog early in the morning, while Milan is awakening, with Go Running Tours Milan or run in the evening, through the streets of the historical city Centre and the beautiful city parks. Explore the world-famous Duomo cathedral, Milan’s best-known sight, then heading to Milan’s two major city parks. First the Giardini Pubblici, a charming but challenging park less than a km from the Duomo, then the Parco Sempione, situated around the Castello Sforzesco, and great for a longer run. #MilanoMarathon

        Sightrunning Paris A great way to explore Paris and/or part of the Paris Marathon course is by city running. Paris Running Tour will show you ca half of the course and the most beautiful places of Paris Marathon Tour. Choose between leaving from the East of Paris – the Bois de Vincennes or arriving in the West of Paris – the Bois de Boulogne.  Highlights of Paris you’ll see during the whole Marathon are Champs-Elysées, “place de la Concorde”, the street of Rivoli, the Bastille, the Wood of Vincennes and its magnificent castle, the splendid banks of the Seine, the Wood of Boulogne and the grand finish avenue Foch. #ParisMarathon

        Sightrunning Rotterdam A new way of discovering Rotterdam: a guided running tour through the city, while you enjoy all the ‘must-see’ bridges and architecture of this city and harbor full of activity. You can run in a small group with a guide, or run one-on-one with the guide. And you don’t have to be an athlete to run with the Rotterdam Sight Running Tours, there are several 7K themes you can choose from to see the highlights of Rotterdam, or go for an early Hour Bird run, coffee included:-)  #RotterdamMarathon

        SightRunning Vienna Vienna Sight-Running offers guided morning runs and night running tours through Austria´s capital city. They know the best, the easiest and the most challenging running routes. A guide runs with a group of one to four persons. In that way you can get the best of their running experts´ knowledge while enjoying Vienna’s city at full length. With prior arrangement, they can also offer special runs for bigger groups. The running guides take care of the route, considering your present state of fitness and time availability.  The most popular route takes you into the heart of the city. Passing world-famous monuments alongside the so-called „Ring“, through medieval streets and hidden courtyards. Calling at Beethoven´s or Mozart´s. Going round St. Stephen´s Cathedral. Inhaling the smell of coffee and „Sachertorte“. No annoying stops at red traffic lights. #ViennaMarathon

        SightRunning Hannover Explore the beautiful baroque gardens, Maschsee in the city and the sculptures of Nike de Saint Phalle. Hear exciting stories from the centuries-old history of Hanover.  While jogging, nordic walking or running your guide gives exclusive tips about places to eat and drink and shows you a different sight of Hanover city.
        Loosen up your muscles the day before the Marathon. Join a 5 km long round and see several attractions such as the Opera House, the New Town Hall and the historic old town. Start at 10.00/11.30 /13.00 AM before the New Town Hall (near start and finish of the Hannover Marathon).
        More info: Sightrunning Hannover #HannoverMarathon

        Sightrunning Lodz Although there don’t seem to be organized city running tours in Lodz, there are more then enough highlights to explore and run in this city in your own way and on your own pace!  Check out some suggestions of people who ran Lodz City:
        Running around the center of Lodz Best running trails in Lodz Parkrun Kate’s way And every year in April you can run the Lodz Marathon.

        SightRunning Hamburg. Hamburg Sight Jogging tells and shows you the story of Hamburg in it’s past, present and future. Let yourself be inspired by the history of Hamburg and the St. Pauli Stadium. A guide walks you along places, small streets, and points out popular cafes and pubs (“Brauhaus”) to enjoy a local beer and Hamburger after the run. A tour normally takes 1.5 hrs to cover 10 km, up to 2 hours for 13 km, but can be personalized as well.
        Hamburg Running Tours offers eight different routes between 6 and 9 km.
        Hanover has the following city parks to run and explore in your own pace: Planten un Blomen/Wallring Park, Alster park with a beautiful lake view, Stadtpark (City Park) for longer runs or the Volkspark if you look for hill training.
        It can also be a nice preparation for the Hamburg Marathon on April 26. #HamburgMarathon

        Sightrunning London. Jog through London while taking in some of the many sights and attractions that this remarkable city has to offer. City Jogging Tours offers various scheduled and customized Jogging and Running Tours, City Power Walking and City Walking Tours. Explore the riverside, Parks, Palaces and other Highlights of London during a 6-12 km route. They also offer City Yoga, City Pilates and City Fitness sessions for busy travelers and locals. A good way to warm up or cool down after the Marathon in April.
        The highlights you’ll pass during the London Marathon are Charleston FC, Greenwich Maritime museum, Cutty Sark, The Shard, Tower Bridge, Canary Warf, St. Pauls Cathedral, London Eye, Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace. If you got enough time it’s good to be prepared and know to find your way before the race. But save some energy and explore the city and enjoy it’s highlights after the race. Be your own guide with this free tool#LondonMarathon #WorldMarathonMajors

        Sightrunning Madrid. Madrid Running Tours and Go Running Tours help you discover the secret spots of Madrid. City running through Madrid will lay out a map for you in the beginning of the trip and make navigating the city a breeze. The sightrunning tours are always run at a pace enjoyable for all runners and will give you an excellent idea of the rich history and culture that Spain’s capital has to offer! You can choose from routes through parks, along the river or into the 16th-century center, with characteristic tapas bars and flamenco venues. And if you’re planning to visit Madrid in April, consider the Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon as well. #MadridMarathon
        Are you more interested in Trail Running? There are several routes to choose from. Discover and run the natural wonders hidden at less than an hour from Madrid city!

        Walk, jog and running routes in Berlin
        Explore Berlin through local runners’ eyes with Runseeing Berlin, Go Running Tours, Berlin Sightrunning or Mike’s Sightrunning; Berlin City Running Tours

        A stunning training camp in Andalucia. Led by experienced ultra runners, the camp is for runners of all levels who want to develop their running endurance with functional strength and technique and an ultra mindset.

        Focused ultra running preparation on unspoiled trails in the Sierra Nevada mountains, whether you got a specific race in mind, or are simply looking for a training camp in an inspirational sunny setting. Ideal for individuals, as well as friends or couples.
        You can also enjoy a tailored running 4-8 day holiday on dates that suit you best.
        More info: Ultra Trail Spain

        Two days of course-specific guided adventure in the most scenic areas of Snowdonia National Park.

        Fully stoked but a bit scared about the upcoming UTS-50 race? Great! Challenging? Yes. Unachievable? No! With the right attitude and preparation, anyone can complete Ultra-Trail Snowdonia. Help and support is here in the form of organized training weekends!
        Two days of guided BIG mountain running with optional shorter route options should you find yourself struggling, climbing and descending techniques, basic navigation skills, seminars and Q+A sessions.

        During this weekend most of the UTS-50 course will be covered over two point-to-point runs, starting in Llanberis, running to the plush Royal Goat Hotel in Beddgelert on Saturday, then running back on Sunday. Baggage transfer between Llanberis and Beddgelert and back.
        All you have to do is show up with your kit and be ready to train, meet some likeminded folk and learn.
        This event is open to any runner but not suitable for novice ultra runners.

        A rare opportunity to spend time on the course with international Salomon ultra-runner and UTS race director Michael Jones and get all the inside knowledge. A highly valuable experience to anyone who wants to step above with their ultra-running.
        Come well prepared and understand that you accept full responsibility for your own welfare during each run. Limited to just 12 places for an intimate feel.
        More info: APEX Running

        A stunning mountain-top location in an inspirational setting, under the sunshine and with like-minded people.
        This training camp offers you the chance to experience quiet unspoiled trails and forests of rural Spain. Whether you are training for a specific multi-day race like Marathon De Sables (MDS), Al Andalus Ultimate Trail (AAUT), any of the 4 Deserts Race Series (i.e. the Gobi March) or the iconic Cape Wrath Ultra or simply looking for a training camp.  Topics covered include race strategy, equipment, nutrition and in-race care.

        Enjoy coached sessions led by experienced ultra runners, trails with epic views across the Sierra Nevada, low-altitude training, discussions and motivational workshops.
        More info: Ultra Trail Spain

        Training camps on the alpine trails through the regions of Val de Bagnes and Pays du St-Bernard. The Trail Verbier St-Bernard courses are open to all levels whether you participate in TVSB races or just for the pleasure of discovering the trails, and will help you start with trail running in a progressive way. Several options like a women-only camp and to discover the alpine side of trail running and get you ready for a mountainous challenge!
        You’ll discover different trails around Champex and Catogne with views on the Mont Blanc and enjoy trail running in the morning, with a limited mileage, and in the afternoon some technique workshops and a presentation of the specific material or about nutrition. You can also enjoy the Spa of the Hotel Mont-Lac.

        Jules-Henri Gabioud, winner of the 2016 X-Alpine and hiking guide, will lead the training group of 6 people or more.
        More info:  Alps Xperience Initiation Camp

        This running tour makes a full circuit of Monte Rosa in the Pennine Alps bordering Italy and Switzerland.
        The spectacular Monte Rosa massif itself includes seven summits over 4000m, including the Dufourspitze, the highest peak in Switzerland. The circuit on wildly beautiful trails follows ancient routes linking the Swiss and Italian valleys, making a challenging and diverse high-level route.

        The four-day running training camp, led by elite ultrarunner Lizzy Hawker, covers the full 170km route of the Ultra Tour de Monte Rosa (UTMR), with high, wild trails and more than 11,000m ascent.
        This is ideal training and preparation for the UTMR, both stage race and ultramarathon, as well as other multi-day or ultramarathon races.

        Minimum group size of four and maximum eight participants. All levels are welcome.
        Next training camp dates are 11-16 July and 18-23 July 2018.
        More info: Running Training Camp Tour de Monte Rosa

        A full circumnavigation of the iconic Matterhorn, through French, German and Italian speaking valleys. A demanding journey of contrasts and beauty, spectacular views of 4000m mountains and diverse cultures.

        The four-day running training camp, led by elite ultrarunner Lizzy Hawker, covers the full 170km route of the Ultra Tour de Monte Rosa (UTMR), with high, wild trails and more than 11,000m ascent.
        This is ideal training and preparation for the UTMR, both stage race and ultramarathon, as well as other multi-day or ultramarathon races.

        Minimum group size of four and maximum eight participants. All levels are welcome.
        Next training camp dates are 11-16 July and 18-23 July 2018.
        More info: Running Training Camp Tour de Monte Rosa

        A unique opportunity for anyone who loves writing and running, from diarists to bloggers, and aspiring or working journalists and authors.

        You’ll go out for (optional) runs in one of the most rugged and wild landscapes in England. Although conditions can be challenging in November, nothing stokes the creative fires like being blown about in the wind and rain for a few hours, while cosy logs fires, cups of tea and great company is waiting back at the house.
        You’ll enjoy workshops to help you develop your writing skills, and talks on how to get published.

        Adharanand is a journalist at the Guardian and bestselling author of Running with the Kenyans and The Way of the Runner. Richard was associate editor of the Independent for 15 years and has authored Feet in the Clouds, Running Free and Zatopek: Today We Die A Little.
        Both authors have been shortlisted for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year award (the biggest prize in sports writing) and both were named Best New Writer at the British Sports Book awards. They regularly speak at literary festivals and conferences around the world, so it’s a treat to have their undivided attention for this special weekend.
        More info: The way of the runner

        A weekend running retreat that gives you the chance to learn, to improve your running, to get off the roads and get out into the wild ruggedness of the moor.

        The retreat is being led by Adharanand Finn, the author of two critically acclaimed books, Running with the Kenyans and The Way of the Runner.
        Adharanand went to live in Kenya and Japan to learn the secrets of the great runners from those two nations, and this is a chance for you to spend the weekend with him and to personally grill him on everything he has learned along the way.
        More info: The Way of the Runner

        • Race
        • Expedition
        • Festival
        • Tour
        • Trainingcamp/Vacation

        3-4 JULY 2020: WASHIE 100, SOUTH AFRICA
        (date to be confirmed)
        As the first full moon slowly approaches to be on its brightest and most magnificent in July, a group of hard-core and tough ultra-runners are possibly nervously tweaking some final touches to their now nearly done training schedule for the infamous and world-renowned WASHIE 100 miler, described as “Road to hell”!
        This is a 161.37 km route in Port Alfred, with a total ascent of 2021.41 m and a maximum elevation of 273.89 m.
        Cut-off time 26 hrs.
        Race info: #Washie100

        At 28 years of age, Patrick Bauer decided to make for the Sahara to try to traverse a 350km expanse of uninhabited desert, on foot, alone, where he wouldn’t come across a single village, oasis or watering place. Totally self-sufficient, with a rucksack weighing 35kg and containing water and food, he set off on a journey which was to last 12 days. It was the starting point of what was to become the Marathon des Sables.

        In 1986 23 pioneers took part in the first edition of this legendary multi-day running event in the Moroccan Sahara.

        The Marathon des Sables is a footrace, open to runners and walkers, with several stages, freestyle, and with food self-sufficiency over a distance of about 250 Km. Each participant must carry his/her own backpack containing food, sleeping gear and other material.

        Especially in Southern Morocco at a time of year when the temperature can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the sun, the body is under strain.
        Participants will be advised carefully on how to avoid certain mistakes and how to prepare efficiently for this “extraordinary expedition”.
        Race info: #MarathonDesSables

        5-11 NOVEMBER 2020: NAMIB 6-STAGE FOOTRACE, 250K/155M, NAMIBIA
        Namibia is one of the driest countries of the African continent, and known for its iconic desert and stunning landscape.

        The Namib Desert, on the west coast of Southern Africa, is the oldest desert and has the largest dunes in the world.
        The course is located in and around beach of Torra Bay, in the Skeleton Coast National Park.

        During this multiday race you will see a great diversity of scenery and terrain as you complete the 250K/155M course.
        This includes running along the beach where the desert meets the Atlantic Ocean and through Seal colonies, over salt pans, past salt lakes which are home to flamingos, through the infamous dunes of the Namib desert, into dry riverbeds where a hint of water gives way to lush green vegetation, past deserted oil and diamond mines and across vast open red desert plains and hills.

        The course follows four stages of approximately 40K / 25mi, the Long March of approximately 80K / 50mi, which takes place over two days, and the final “sprint” less than 20K/13M.

        It is a self-supported race; competitors must carry everything they need for seven days on their backs.
        Race info: #RacingThePlanet Nabib Race

        Run in the footsteps of the ancient Bushmen!
        An adventurous multi-staged footrace for avid and first-time trail runners, that’s held annually in October in the breath-taking landscape of South Africa’s “Green Kalahari”.

        During the 19th edition of this 7-day self-sufficient challenge you’ll cover an approximate total distance of 250km.
        Known as the ‘Big Daddy’ in the South African running fraternity, KAEM is one of the oldest and most respected extreme marathons on the International Trail Running calendar.

        The race takes place in the Kalahari Desert in the proximity of the Augrabies Falls on the Orange River. The route traverses the Augrabies Falls National Park, Dabaras as well as private farmlands. This unique and contrasting environment with average day temperatures reaching in excess of 40°C and dropping to below 5°C at night presents a daunting challenge to the extreme athlete and determined adventurer alike.
        The terrain varies from flat plains, fertile valleys, rocky mountainous outcrops and sandy desert.
        Areas covered will include a wildlife sanctuary, private farmlands and cultivated vineyards.

        The 250km is divided into 6 stages, ranging from 25km to 48km each day, with one exception of ca 75km.
        Participants must carry all their supplies, clothes and compulsory safety/survival equipment for the duration of the event.
        Participation is limited to 100 entrants.
        Race info: #KAEM

        The host city Cape Town is a world-class destination that features highly on any ‘must visit’ list. Cape Town is shaped by two oceans and Table Mountain National Park, a dramatic mountain chain that stretches from Table Bay in the North to Cape Point in the South. UTCT ventures deep into Table Mountain National Park, while always keeping the athlete connected to the city and its famous landmarks. With 90% of the race on trails, the route is designed to have the runners and spectators always in contact with the city.

        Because of the training commitment that goes into ultras of this nature, the runners ultimately want to be rewarded by racing in iconic destinations that offer beautiful scenery and that are renowned tourist destinations. Cape Town offers all this and more.
        Race info: #UTCT

        Boa Vista, the island closest to the African continent of the Cape Verde archipelago, with just over 12,000 inhabitants, is one of the last terrestrial paradises. This event is an opportunity to learn about the true nature of this beautiful land, among deserts, salt marshes, ocean, small villages and idyllic landscapes that can only be found here.

        You can participate in one of three races:
        * the 150K Ultra Marathon traces the circumnavigation of the island,
        * the 70K Salt Marathon with the arrival located in one of the last saltworks of the island,
        * the 42K Eco-Marathon that will bring athletes in a pristine nature between the ocean and the desert.

        Three routes with a unique scenery, with miles to run on constantly changing grounds: dirt roads that become desert dunes, smolders that turn into streets, all in self-sufficiency.
        The race traverses desert terrain and so climate and environmental conditions are extreme. During the day, temperatures get above 30 degrees but can fall as low as 10 degrees at night. So you will need to bring all the necessary kit to cope with this temperature difference in your backpack.

        The Boa Vista Ultra Trail means competing with the wild nature of the island, and against yourself. An experience that leaves its mark.

        Boa Vista is a qualifying race for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) 2019.
        By completing the 150K race you’ll earn 5 ITRA points and if you finish the 75K race you’ll get 2 ITRA points.
        Race info: #BoaVistaUtraTrail

        (date to be confirmed)
        In The Footsteps Of Runners Of The Highlands: discovery, sharing and trail running.
        The adventure allows everyone to find his/her own pace. You can choose between a total distance of 50K walk or run and a 100K run only, equally divided over 5 days.
        Each stage you’ll discover many facets of the region located in the northwest of Kenya’s capital Nairobi.
        The race will take you around the Lake Elementaita, the smallest lake in the Rift Valley (18km2), classified as a Ramsar site since 2005 and famous worldwide by birds’ lovers. It hosts thousands of pelicans and flamingos.
        The races offer a very diverse nature of path & soil: dirt and sandy savannah and hills, villages or parks.

        Kimbia Kenya is also an eco-solidarity project. All five stages leave, cross or arrive in a school. Two principles define this eco-solidarity project: logistical and material support to these schools and the organization of exchange and sharing moments between participants and the local population, especially with children of the schools.

        There are tourist activities organized during the afternoons for those who still have enough energy after the morning races in order to discover the region of Navaisha, located in the heart of the Rift Valley.
        Race info: #KimbiaKenya

        Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run wild and free through true African wilderness?
        If you are looking for a truly wild trail running adventure, then take on the 100 Mile, 76km or 44km ultra-trail runs through the vast and beautiful Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.

        Addo is the ONLY national park in the world that can lay claim to having the Big 7 (elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, southern right whale and the great white shark).
        You will be running in areas of the park that are home to a variety of wild animals, and you stand a chance of seeing animals such as kudu, impala, baboons, ostriches, bushbuck, black backed jackals, mountain reedbuck, red hartebeest, mountain zebra, warthogs and the largest antelope in the world – the eland! These have all been spotted on the route.
        Experience it from a unique perspective.

        The trails track the rugged Zuurberg mountains and beautiful valleys of the park, with a large number of river crossings, and some challenging climbs.
        You will be challenged to run on a wide range of terrain including single track trails, 4×4 tracks and old jeep tracks within the park itself, as well as some stretches of dirt road.
        Race info: #AddoElephantTrailRun

        (date to be confirmed)
        The 52nd edition of this famous race around the Cape Peninsula.

        Distances: Ultra Marathon 56K, Half Marathon 21K, Trail Run 24K and 12K, Fun runs 5.6K and 2.1K

        The event attracts close to 26 000 participants across all the distances and provides them with a mixture of breathtaking scenery, a grueling test of fitness for both the elite and recreational runner, and an unrivaled race organisation and atmosphere.

        Participants consistently vote it as one of the best in South Africa and it continues to attract strong fields and an increasing number of international entrants. The event has become synonymous with the Easter Weekend in Cape Town, with the pre-race activities at the expo, family day, and fun runs on Easter Friday. En-route entertainment on the race day provides fun, excitement, and a unique experience to runners, family, friends, and spectators alike.

        International and Africa entrants are invited to participate in the International Friendship Run. This is a free event, and additional guests can be added to your entry at a nominal fee.
        All International entrants are invited to meet on Good Friday morning for a scenic 5.6km run/walk through the City of Cape Town, past some of the city’s most famous landmarks, which include the Cape Town Stadium, Sea Point Promenade, Green Point Park and Mouille Point Lighthouse.

        Runners from all over the world get into the marathon spirit with their family and friends, who can also participate in the Friendship Run for a nominal fee, jogging with the flags from their various countries.
        Race info: #TwoOceansUltra #FriendshipRun

        (date to be confirmed)
        The first Loskop marathon was run as a 46K race in 1979.
        Because the Loskop Ultra is a Comrades Marathon qualifying road race, it also attracts elite runners who’re preparing for Comrades.

        The 50K Ultra starts in Middelburg and the 21,1K Wild Challenge starts in Loskopdam. Both road races will finish at Loskopdam, a Forever Resort and have a time cut-off of 8 hours.
        The qualifying time for Comrades is 6 hours.

        The 4,9km Rhino Family Fun Run takes place on Saturday, 21 April 2018, from the start of the 21,1km Wild Challenge (near the Dam wall). This unique run will be towards the Resort along the dam. You may enter on Race day at the start for R35-00 per entry and contribute towards the FRIENDS OF LOSKOP CONSERVATION FUND. No prize money will be awarded, but all finishers will receive a medal. Walkers are also welcome.
        Race info: #LoskopMarathon

        A multiday race high up in the mountains of the Moroccan Atlas. The 285 km route is divided into 6 stages. Every day 30 to 60 km of trails will be covered, with an elevation up to 14000.

        An adventure with spectacular views through a lunar-like rocky landscape with snowy peaks, gorges, valleys, few villages.

        Race-director and ultrarunner Mohamad Ahansal is the Moroccan initiator who made it possible to meet the ancient culture of Berbers and souks with rich colors, smells and flavors.

        Apart from a place to sleep in a lodge, breakfast and diner, participants have to carry their backpack with food, water and equipment during each stage.
        Race info: #TransAtlasMarathon

        30 MAY – 6 JUNE 2021: UGANDA MARATHON
        A week-long challenge, holiday & festival: adventure, running, volunteering and making a difference.
        The Uganda International Marathon is a 7-day adventure in rural Uganda. Come and volunteer, meet the community, make life-long friends, camp under the African skies and run in the birthplace of running.
        Support grassroots projects lead by local organizations and make a powerful impact on the community. Organize a sports day for local disadvantaged kids and run with Uganda in the biggest international race in East Africa.

        You will stay in a beautiful woodland campsite overlooking stunning scenery with a bar, campfire and open-air mess hall. During the week you’ll party with the locals, eat the food, visit the community and experience African hospitality at its finest!
        Distances: full marathon, half marathon, 10K
        Race info: #UgandaMarathon

        (date to be confirmed)
        The Comrades Marathon in South-Africa is world’s oldest and largest Ultramarathon, with a history and tradition comparable to the Boston Marathon.
        An Ultra Marathon run over a distance of 87.7K (56.1mi), between the coastal city of Durban and Pietermaritzburg, the capital of the Kwazulu-Natal Province.
        The race alternates yearly between the “up run” from Durban and the “down run” from Pietermaritzburg.

        This year over 13.000 runners will take part in the down run, which still includes some major uphills.
        Race info: #ComradesMarathon

        The Big Five Marathon in South Africa is held among the wildlife of the African savannah.
        Runners from all over the world will meet in one of the most spectacular “Big Five” game reserves in Africa.

        A challenging African safari marathon route right through the habitat of elephants, zebras, leopards and lions.
        The first section of the race is on dirt roads made up of red sand. After a few hills you’ll reach Yellow Wood Valley.
        After running run the steep slope, you’ll have to run it up again, before you’ll have a great view over the plateau’s lake.

        No fences, no rivers, nothing at all separates the runners from the African wildlife.
        Besides the full marathon distance you can also run a half marathon.
        Race info: #BigFiveMarathon

        Join Simon Mtuy, Tanzania’s foremost trail runner, expert mountain guide, and world-record holder shares the paths he knows and loves in this trail runner’s paradise.

        This trail running route circumnavigates the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.
        This is a physically demanding event requiring a high level of fitness and endurance, and the dream of discovery.

        Full-service camping is provided during the 11 days adventure, of which you’ll run 13 to 28 miles for 8 days.
        For experienced ultrarunners who want to experience the wildlife and savannas of Tanzania.
        Race info: #KilimanjaroStageRun

        Running for Rangers is a dedicated group of individuals who run marathons and ultra marathons worldwide to raise money for the welfare of the rangers who risk their lives daily to protect elephants and rhino in Africa. Both of these iconic species are under threat of extinction because of illegal poaching – the demand for rhino horn and elephant ivory is rising and both command high prices in South East Asia. 100 African elephants are slaughtered each day by poachers; and in South Africa, which has by far the largest population of rhino in the world, an estimated 1,215 were killed in 2014 alone.

        With the rising prices of ivory and rhino horn, poachers have become ever more determined and motivated, using high caliber assault weapons and sophisticated equipment to operate at night. Often poachers come from an underworld of illegal gun runners, involved in all facets of gun-crimes including human trafficking, drugs and terrorism.

        The rangers who protect rhinos and elephants operate in tough, dangerous conditions, and cover vast areas on foot each day. In order to be effective, they need top-quality clothing that is suited to the warm days, cold nights and tough terrain, and sophisticated equipment to allow them to track and apprehend the poachers. Running for Rangers raises funds for good quality military clothing and specialist equipment which is not available in large areas of Africa, and organizes its importation and distribution.

        For Rangers Ultra is a 230km race split into 5 stages crossing five wildlife conservancies. Each has its own characteristic terrain from verdant grasslands to forest; the playground of East Africa’s iconic wildlife.

        Runners should expect company. Under the watchful eye of the rangers you’re there to support, you will encounter the diverse wildlife of these incredible conservation areas. The trails through the grasslands will be baking and the terrain through the rocky hills and riverbeds will be rough underfoot. Undulating between 1500m and 2000m above sea level the habitat and conditions vary hour by hour.

        As a self-sufficient race, you are responsible for carrying your entire kit, including food, safety equipment and a minimum of 2.5 liters of water which can be refilled at checkpoints along the stages. You’ll need some specialist gear to take on this challenge.
        You’ll spend each night under canvas at our base camps under massive skies full of stars.
        Race info: 
        For Rangers Ultra


        The Tizi N’Trail is a trail in Morocco that combines performance, solidarity and conviviality. The footrace is held annually since the immediate success of the first edition.

        The Tizi N’Trail 2018 will consist of three stages between 20 and 28 km in the region of Essaouira, with a unique view of the Atlas Mountains, sea, desert, lakes, mountains and canyons.
        All athletes aged 18 and older in good physical condition can participate in Tizi N’Trail. You can run or hike the course.

        The priority of the organization is to offer great courses, outside the known tourist routes, in the most beautiful regions of Morocco, while respecting the environment protecting nature and respecting the people of the host country.

        The Tizi N’Trail is not a simple race. You’ll participate in solidarity actions to bring aid to the local villages population. GO 2 EVENTS provides sports equipment in various forms (clothing, sports shoes, etc.) to rural people during the Tizi N’Trail.
        Race info: #TiziNTrail

        Choose Malawi and you’ll be joining us on the run of a lifetime in the home of distance-running. Not only will you spend the week on the shores of Lake Malawi (don’t forget your cameras for those epic sunrises and sunsets), you’ll also have time to meet some amazing projects really making a difference to the communities you will be running through and alongside. Empower yourself and use the power of running to help change lives forever.

        For the first few days you’ll get stuck into a variety of projects, then after resting up on day 5, you’ll join hundreds of locals for the inaugural Malawi International Marathon!
        Distances: 42K, 21K, 10K

        This is more than just a race, just wait until you are running along the banks of Lake Malawi, enjoying the Warm Heart of this beautiful continent.
        Set in challenging terrain, it’s a sandy, dusty trail race that has enough elevation to keep your legs happy but enough stunning vistas to keep your mind rewarded! Forget about your Personal Best and enjoy every single step of this unique course.

        The Athletes’ Village, staffed by the local community, will be your home for the week. You can count on amazing sunrises to kick start each day, rounded off perfectly with sunsets that will render you utterly speechless. Beach BBQs and nightly campfires will be the perfect setting to connect with other runners during the week.
        Race info: #ImpactMarathonMalawi

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