My running goals

My 1-4 running goals (e.g. race finish time/distance, endurance, no injuries, more time/joy to run):

My other goals

e.g. days vegan, hrs fasting, l water, cups coffee, days no alcohol
e.g. commute hrs on foot, hrs standing vs sitting
e.g. hrs outside, in daylight, active
e.g. hrs no screen before bed, hrs between diner and bed, hrs in bed
e.g. times/wk strength or cross-training,
e.g. times/wk group or family run
e.g. hrs of yoga, relax, read
World Care
hrs for a planet project

My Monthly Goals

Goal January
Goal February
Goal March
Goal April
Goal May
Goal June
Goal July
Goal August
Goal September
Goal October
Goal November
Goal December

My current situation

Training level
My age
My preferred training days (min 3, max 5) p/wk

MAF-test results

Maf-test 1 round 1
Maf-test 1 round 2
Maf-test 1 round 3
Maf-test 1 round 4
Maf-test 1 round 5
Maf-test 2 round 1
Maf-test 2 round 2
Maf-test 2 round 3
Maf-test 2 round 4
Maf-test 2 round 5
Maf-test 3 round 1
Maf-test 3round 2
Maf-test 3 round 3
Maf-test 3 round 4
Maf-test 3 round 5
Maf-test 4 round 1
Maf-test 4 round 2
Maf-test 4 round 3
Maf-test 4 round 4
Maf-test 4 round 5


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