Ann Asparro Run 2016

Jay Asparro
Jay Asparro
November 4, 2016
Montauk, NY, USA
November 6, 2016
Plainview, NY, USA

Watching his grandmother sliding away was devastating for Jay Asparro and his family.
Jay ran to pray, to think, to clear his mind, and to find his own unique way of helping.
Then he made the commitment to help families who have a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s.

November 2016 Jay ran 30 miles a day for 3 days, totaling 90 miles to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s. To add his faith to the cause, Jay ran from the church in St. Therese of Lisieux in Montauk where he used to spend his Summers, to his Parish St. Pius X in Plainview.
Every mile he contributed to another family and he raised $38,000 for the Long Island Alzheimers Foundation.

It was just the beginning. Jay would continue to run and raise awareness and money for 3 more years. He ran his last Ann Asparro run in 2019, the year that his beloved grandmother passed away.

Jay is truly running the marathon of life for a better tomorrow. With each mile, Jay overcomes his own fears and preconceived limitations to push for more awareness of Alzheimer’s disease.

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