Ann Asparro Run 2017

Jay Asparro
Jay Asparro
November 4, 2017
Jones Beach, NY, USA
November 5, 2017
NY City, NY, USA

Watching his grandmother sliding away was devastating for Jay Asparro and his family.
Jay ran to pray, to think, to clear his mind, and to find his own unique way of helping.
Then he made the commitment to help families who have a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s.

November 2016 Jay ran 30 miles a day for 3 days, totaling 90 miles to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s. Every mile he contributed to another family and he raised $38,000 for the Long Island Alzheimers Foundation.

It was just the beginning. In November 2017 Jay ran 75 miles over 2 days to commemorate what would’ve been his grandparents’ 75th wedding anniversary.
The first day he ran 48.8 miles from Jones Beach to Teddy Roosevelt Park in Oyster Bay and the next morning he ran 26.2 miles at the New York City Marathon.

People could join Jay virtually during a month from anywhere in the world, to run with him and donate money to the Long Island Alzheimers Foundation.

Jay also teamed up with local companies and events to help him raise money and awareness for the cause. Halfway 2018 Jay had already raised another $50,000 for the Long Island Alzheimers Foundation.

Jay is truly running the marathon of life for a better tomorrow. With each mile, Jay overcomes his own fears and preconceived limitations to push for more awareness of Alzheimer’s disease.

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