Run Around Victoria – Andre Jones

Melbourne Australia
Andre Jones
January 26, 2020
Victoria, Australia
March 8, 2020
Victoria, Australia

On January 26, 2020, Andre Jones started running 1,600 km solo, unsupported, through the worst areas in Victoria, Australia, to raise funds for the farmers in this region. He took off from the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

The drought in Australia was the worst one yet. While many farmers across the country were in need, Andre focused his efforts on the local farmers of Victoria.

The Victorian Branch of the Lions Club assisted via their initiative Need for Feed, raising funds to support all farmers in fire, drought and flood-affected areas each year as required as they struggle to rebuild properties and livelihoods in times of crisis and natural events.

“I’ll be running from town to town, spending my nights at either a local pub, or a friendly supporter. Sometimes these days will be a 30km run, other days it will be 50+kms. I have not allowed for rest days, and I’ve learned through experience not to stick to the schedule at all costs, but we’ll see how we go,” Andre announced.
Andre returned in Melbourne on March 8.

He was pushing a custom-made buggy, which carried all of his gear, food and water. In areas where no accommodation is available, he was camping.

“If you’ve been following my previous journeys, you may recall I am not a huge fan of running – unless it’s for a purpose. Happy to jog to and from work, or when I was a milko in the Blue Mountains, and when I was in the Navy for the physical fitness aspect.

I don’t normally go for a jog just for the hell of it. I’m not that keen. However, for a good cause, I will don the running shoes and pound the road,” Andre explains.

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