Mina Guli
Mina Guli
June 3, 2020
June 3, 2020

Dedicate your run to a river!

The newest project of Water advocate Mina Guli is here.
Join her on global running day Wednesday June 3rd to remember our connection to nature.

Rivers are the arteries of our planet. They provide us with water for drinking, washing, irrigation, and so much more.

Freshwater fish feed hundreds of millions. River sediment keeps deltas above the rising seas. The diverse values of healthy rivers sustain our societies and economies. And all life on earth.

But our rivers are under threat, from dams, pollution, over-extraction and climate change.

Read the WWF’s report on Valuing Rivers.

You’ll get your custom race number for the day to run and share your favorite #Run4Rivers, which river you dedicate your run to and why.
You can join this virtual run from anywhere on any time on June 3rd.

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