Running Up For Air (RUFA)

February 3, 2023
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
February 4, 2023
Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Running Up For Air (aka RUFA) is an endurance mountain challenge that was created to raise money in support of the fight for improved air quality for those who live along the Wasatch Front.
RUFA was born out of passion for the Wasatch Mountains, love of living in Salt Lake City, and desire for our families and friends to enjoy an improved quality of life. In the winters of 2012 through 2015, RUFA took place as an unofficial gathering of friends who quietly challenging themselves on Grandeur Peak.

In winter months ascending Grandeur Peak often means starting in smoggy, cold, polluted air and climbing up to surprisingly warmer clean air above. It is a bitter-sweet feeling to sit on the 8,299′ summit and look down at a glowing cloud of smog below and realize you must eventually go back down.

The topography of the Salt Lake Valley, mixed with pollution from the well over 2 million people and industry can render very unhealthy conditions.

The Up For Air Series is a collection of endurance events created to amplify informed dialogue and empower organizations actively working on air quality solutions. Proceeds from Up For Area events are directed at carefully selected non-profit groups who demonstrate high value influence strategies. The race platform is used to expose participants and the general public to science-based material about the importance of healthy air. All events are conducted with a minimal footprint philosophy.

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