The World Jog – Tony Mangan

Dublin, Ireland
Tony Mangan
October 25, 2010
Dublin, Ireland
October 27, 2014
Dublin, Ireland

At age 56, Tony Mangan became the oldest world runner by completing a 50.000 km distance run around the world in 1461 days, while raising money for Aware, a charity that helps to defeat depression.

He explored 41 countries on 5 continents. “I’m moving around my dream,” he said.

Tony didn’t start running until he was almost 30. “I have always considered myself to be an average runner. In school, I was even bullied for I was a sports wimp. Through hard work, dedication, perseverance, self-belief and a strong mind I succeeded in not only running around the world but breaking four ultra running world records during my competitive career.”

“Then I dreamed of running around the World. I got delayed for over 20 years for many reasons, breaking a few world ultra records. Now I am retired from competition, I can finally live my dream.”

Tony kept a journal while running an average of 43.3 kilometers or 27 miles per day for 1,165 road days.

“During my expedition I rarely had any support vehicles, running mostly with a backpack. In the more desolate areas I pushed my gear, food and water in a cart which I called Nirvana, then I sent her on ahead to run with my backpack once again over altitudes of almost 5,000 meters in the Andes.

I stayed in remote villages where many people had never seen a white person before. I literally met the most wonderful people of this world in their own backyard and share many of those amazing experiences in this blog.

My run around the world took 4 years. There were no shortcuts, I ran every single meter on the road while seeking out the most comprehensive route across 41 countries, 5 continents, I used 50 pairs of running shoes and my final footstep of the run was exactly 50,000 kilometers, (almost 31,000 miles).

I eventually finished this tongue-in-cheek named world jog where I started, at the finish line of my city marathon. I started my global run with the Dublin Marathon on October 25th 2010 and finished with the Dublin Marathon on October 27th 2014 at 3.05 pm! Thank you for your support, I hope you can share my unique way of seeing the world, the ultimate endurance challenge!”

Tony ran to support Aware’s fight to remove the stigma from depression.
“I’m proud to support the great work Aware does to take the stigma out of depression and mental health issues.

Small steps lead to big gains, big journeys, even a happier and healthier mind. You don’t have to run around the world but even a walk or short jog down the road can help your mood by sending endorphins to your brain. I have been there too.

Aware is a voluntary organization supporting depression sufferers and their families. Services include a secondary school education program, a local helpline, support groups nationwide, lectures and online supports.”

Image by Sean Griffin

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