World Water Run

world water day
March 16, 2023
March 22, 2023

Every year the UN hosts the international World Water Day on 22 March. This year’s theme is groundwater.

Groundwater is the water found underground in cracks and spaces between soil, sand, and rock. It’s stored there, and then slowly moves through formations called aquifers. Groundwater may not be visible but it has a significant impact on our climate, agriculture, and economy. Our planet’s survival depends on it, if we work together to raise awareness for this precious resource we will sustain it for generations to come.

We want to do this community event in celebration of groundwater and the innovative ways people are working to end water scarcity.

We honour our world’s most precious resource – water – with an annual virtual seven day run/walk from 16-22 March. You can sign up for this online event from anywhere in the world, completely for free. All fitness levels are welcome.

Our water sources are in need of protection – sign up to raise awareness and spread the word about our precious water bodies!

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