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Dan Lawson Rerun Clothing
Founder: Dan Lawson

ReRun is a Community Interest Company aimed at prolonging the life of running clothes and equipment. Founded and run by Dan Lawson, Team GB 24hr Ultra runner and his wife and family Charlotte, Lilly and Ruby.

Whilst residing in India we started a small community project connected with our 5k weekly run. Runners would come and clear up litter, this gave us first hand experience of the amount of waste we our generating. Motivating us to do our ‘little’ bit to help try and make a difference. Our first step was to reduce dramatically our own waste. Before we looked at ideas on how we could reduce the waste in the running community.

The idea of ReRun was born, to try and prolong the life of running clothes and equipment and save them from landfill. Extending the life of clothes by just nine months of active use would reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by around 20-30% each.

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