Rest & Recovery

"Activity and rest are two vital aspects of life. To find a balance in them is a skill in itself. Wisdom is knowing when to have rest, when to have activity, and how much of each to have. Finding them in each other - activity in rest and rest in...

Food & Drink Habits; What Runners Eat & Need

The quality and variation of the food we buy, how we prepare our food, when, how often and how much we eat and drink, and how active we are, it all influences our health and the (non) healthy habits we build.The food choices you make can slow you down or help you recover. In...

Daily Deep 17 feb

If you're short of breath, it's not because you aren't breathing in enough,it's because you're not breathing out enough. Danny DreyerCo-founder of ChiRunning and ChiWalking

Mind, breath and heart breath and heartsleep breath and heart posture, breath and heartmovement, breath and heart