Road crew wanted

Type of opportunity: Crew member
Start country: USA
Finish: USA
Start location: New York
Finish: Seattle
Start date: Apr 25, 2022
End date: Jun 28, 2022
Commitment: 65
Duration/days: 65
Publication: Jan 3, 2022
Suitability: Women, Men
Required age: 20+
Though I'll be the one running, I can't do it alone! I'm recruiting a two-person Road Crew to support the effort and make it possible.
  • We expect both members of the Road Crew to be present for all 65 days of the Run Across America — from April 25th to June 28th — and to bring energy and enthusiasm to tasks big and small.
  • We will have a required orientation in NYC weekend of April 23rd and 24th so we're all ready to take on the continental challenge towards Seattle.
  • Road Crew will each receive a $5,000 stipend and all expenses are paid.
  • The real payoff will be the epic experiences and memories plus the nationwide impact we can create together.

Your options:

2 crew member positions

What you can expect:

Road Crew will each receive a $5,000 stipend: first $1,000 is paid as a signing bonus with the remaining $4,000 paid in biweekly installments during the run. All expenses are paid:
Airfare and lodging in New York City for orientation and start of the run
Three daily meals and coffee are provided
Nightly lodging during the run
Run Across America swag
Airfare from Sea-Tac to your home airport after the run wraps.


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