Run with me – Izyaslav Koza

Type of opportunity: Supporter, Runner
Start country: Netherlands
Finish: Netherlands
Start location: Vaals
Finish: Eemshaven
Start date: Jun 4, 2023
End date: Jun 11, 2023
Commitment: ca 7
Duration/days: ca 7
Publication: Apr 27, 2023
Suitability: Women, Men, Children
Required age: any
Join the journey
  • "Join in with me, Slava, for a few kilometers or more of this 360 km run across the Netherlands." Slava will run from Vaals in the South to Eemshaven in the North, starting June 4 or 5, 2023. Exact date of finish has not been determined yet.
  • Slava will run to support and honor the people in Ukraine." Slava’s wife is from Kharkiv, Ukraine one of the cities which faced sustained bombing for months on end with entire neighborhoods destroyed, “so this cause is dear to me,” Slava says.
Support Ukraine
  • Slava's chosen causes to support Ukraine:
    • United 24 allows one-click donations to Ukraine from anywhere. Why is this so important? Because Ukraine itself knows best what is needed and can deliver aid directly. Donors can choose between Defence and Demining, Medical Aid, or Rebuild Ukraine.
    • the Fumi café is run by a 75 year old Japanese volunteer, who sold his belongings and now voluntarily hands out free food to Kharkiv  residents, after living underground with them for 9 months.
    • From the first day of the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Feldman Ecopark was shelled and bombed almost daily. As a result, its infrastructure was almost completely destroyed, six staff members and volunteers were killed, as well as about a hundred animals, and the rest of the inhabitants were evacuated under enemy fire. They are located in different cities of Ukraine – from Kharkiv and Poltava to Dnipro, Lviv and Odesa. This has significantly complicated the logistics and care of the animals, as they need temporary enclosures to be built for them, as well as to be provided with care, nutrition, veterinary care and rehabilitation after being under fire.
Route Rules
  • "My route is flexible with the following constraints", Slava says:
    • Must stay within Netherlands borders
    • No ferry use all land
    • Not too much distance added."
You can help and support Slava in the following ways:

Your options:

Join Slava for one or more miles
Offer Slava a place to sleep
Bring Slava to his start point / pick him up to bring him to his place for the night
Donate to Ukraine from anywhere; support Defence and Demining, Medical Aid, or Rebuild Ukraine
Help feed Kharkiv citizens via the Paypal account of Fuminori Tsuchiko ( who voluntarily runs the Fumi cafe.
All funds raised are used exclusively to save people and animals from war and humanitarian catastrophe:

What you can expect:

Learn about the route, the places Slava runs past, the causes he cares for, his training, gear, diet, previous runs and get inspired!
Explore the Netherlands on foot together with Slava and other runners


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