Anna McNuff

Anna McNuff
Nationality: UK
Residence: London, UK

Solo cycled the 50 US states. Ran the length of NZ. Cycling the Andes.

“I am an endurance athlete, adventurer and speaker. I speak at festivals, corporate away days, schools and after dinner events. Topics for talks include:

– Confidence and self-belief
– Overcoming fear of failure
– The ability to ‘choose your attitude’
– The practicality of turning big dreams into reality
– Determination, resilience and perseverance
– The importance of perspective and a positive mindset

Once upon a time I represented Great Britain at rowing, but after ‘retiring’ in my mid-twenties, I began darting around the world on the hunt for new and exciting endurance challenges.

In 2013 I cycled a beautiful Pink bicycle 11,000 miles through each and every state of the USA, from Alaska to Hawaii. Pedaling up to 130 miles a day for 6 months, solo and unsupported, she encountered blizzards, floods and temperatures as low as minus 15.

In January 2015 I embarked on a 2,000 mile run along New Zealand’s Te Araroa trail. Traveling alone for 148 days, and running up to 32 miles in a day, I carried all of her belongings in a backpack that was often as heavy at 20kgs. At night, I slept wild in her tent or in backcountry shelters. By June 2015 I had become the first person, male or female, to run the length of the country entirely unsupported.

Much closer to home, I have also spent a month cycling across Europe directed entirely by social media, run the length of Hadrian’s wall dressed as a Roman Soldier, and the length of the Jurassic Coast, dressed as a dinosaur. As you do.

Passionate about the positive impact that adventure and sport can have on the lives of youngsters, outside of speaking duties, I use my human-powered journeys as a platform to inspire and enable kids to get outside, and get exploring.

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