Nick Lawson

Nick Lawson
Nationality: Australia
Residence: Sydney, Australia

In February 2018 Nick started his journey to spread a message of global unity and love. Since then he’s been running barefoot from South Africa to Tunisia, while bonding and connecting with people he meets. During the year people from all over the world have come to run and cycle with him, and each person raised money for a different charity:

465 days after Nick started his “running” a marathon a day for a year-journey, he arrived in Tunesia.
“On day 2 after injuring my ankle I stopped trying to run a marathon a day and decided to just let it all happen, and run however much I ran, and focus on love and unity more. Love for myself and for all humans everywhere. This journey was for me. I did it because it felt right and still does. It has taught me to practice what I preach more than I can explain right now. It has showed me that our world is not doomed and that we can all work hand in hand together and create a brighter future for the generations to come and to co-create with nature to achieve this. We are all still learning. I am still learning. You are still learning. We are apart of nature and nature has been evolving for billions of years before we got here. We are evolving. I love you all. Africa I love you and thank you.”

“Learning to love yourself is the biggest and we’re going to be doing that until the day we die so we’re all unfinished works. But believing in yourself is one of the biggest things in this life. And I had many people or a number of people help me along my journey but most of that comes within you and stems from within you, so have to be very careful of what your thoughts are because they can dictate your reality.

Just be nice to yourself if you don’t achieve this grand master plan that you’ve had, it doesn’t matter. It’s all meant to be happening. If you can find the positives out of any situation you get yourself into, life becomes really really incredible.”

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