Nicole Anderson

Nicole Anderson
Nationality: Australia
Residence: Smithton, Tasmania

Wilderness Warrior Nicole loves the outdoors. From a young age she would make fire, cook her own food, and enjoy nature.
As a running doctor she makes quite some miles and has expertise in survival strategies, nutrition, and expedition & wilderness medicine.

She’s very much involved as a conservation photographer in Tarkine heritage protection in Northwest Tasmania.

The wilderness is crying out for help!
Nicole tries to inspire people to take better care of our planet and to use our skills, abilities and influence we have to make this world a better place.

“Those of us who are connected to the landscapes and very understanding of the environmental impacts, we are frightened. When you hear the scientist do the measurements and farmers who produce the food, and those of us who are naturalists, who are in the country all the time, we’re seeing changes happening and catastrophic biodiversity losses.”

“It’s a frightening thing if we see that the political leaders of the world do not understand, do not fear, what catastrophe could be coming upon humans if we let our biodiversity collapse faster.”

She became aware of the cultural, historical and unique natural values of the Tarkine area and its’ biodiversity of over 60 threatened and endangered species which were an imminent threat from logging and mining and irresponsible vehicle uses as well as pollution from particularly mining.

She was alarmed by just how easy it is for human development like logging and mining to just absolutely annihilate a natural system within hours and days. “Something of a natural system which has taken millions of years to establish, and in the case of Tarkine in conjunction with the Aboriginal people who care for their country and allowed it to flourish, all that for the Aboriginal people looking over 40.000 years of influence, all of that could be lost in hours and days from logging and mining. It’s an absolute tragedy,” Nicole says.

Patagonia made a documentary about Nicole’s fight to save the Tarkine region.

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