Claire McFarlane Speaking Services

Claire speaking
Founder: Claire McFarlane

Footsteps Inspire is taking Claire to 230 countries, and she’s been speaking professionally for several years, both keynotes and workshops, in both English and French.
She’s sharing her story and mission with audiences from different cultural background and ages, small and as large as 400.

“I’m evolving as a speaker, and my story is particularly hard-hitting, but what I love about being vulnerable on stage is that it creates this open space for understanding and allows a deep connection with the audience. I portray a very different perspective of being a survivor, and people leave my talks inspired, empowered and with a stronger sense of purpose. This translate across into many aspects of life, work, sporting field and in our communities.”

“By sharing my own story and the remarkable experiences of the Footstep To Inspire journey, I’ve had the opportunity to encourage, inspire and educate hundreds of people across every continent of the world.”


  • Empowering people to change the world
  • Surviving a near death experience
  • Resilience and Overcoming hardship to Thrive
  • Solo Female Travel and Adventure
  • Sports Coaching and Motivation
  • Social Development and Human Equity
  • Health, Healing and Wellbeing
  • Good Practice and Solutions for Ending Sexual Violence
  • Workshops and Training (Corporate, Individual, Community, Government)
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