Badwater Quad – Marshall Ulrich

Ulrich BW Quad by Brooks Whitney Trail 2001
Photo credits: Marshall Ulrich
Marshall Ulrich
July 20, 2001
Badwater, CA, USA
July 30, 2001
Mt Whitney, CA, USA

In 2001, Marshall Ulrich was the first runner to complete the “Badwater Quad”, consisting of two back-to-back Death Valley 300s for a total of four consecutive Badwater/Whitney transits. He completed the course, a distance in excess of twenty-two marathons, in ten days.

In 2003, Sawyer Manuj became the first Asian-American to complete the Badwater duo.

In 2012, Terry Abrams (54) became the first woman to complete a solo Triple 146 crossing, 438 miles, which includes two summits of Mt. Whitney. She is also the oldest woman to complete the Double, 292 miles.

In 2014, Lisa Smith-Batchen (54) became the first woman to complete the “Badwater Quad”, 584 miles in 15 days.

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