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Pete Kostelnick
Pete Kostelnick
July 31, 2018
Kenai, Alaska
November 5, 2018
Key West, Florida

“On July 31, 2018, I set off on foot from Kenai, Alaska (Anchor Point, the furthest west continuous highway in the US) to run to the Southernmost Point in Key West, Florida. No one had ever done this, and I did it alone with only a stroller carrying my gear. 5,384 miles and 97 days/6 hours/57 minutes later, I arrived in Key West, averaging 55 miles run per day,” Pete Kostelnick wrote about his latest world record.

He had set his previous records by becoming the course holder of Badwater 135 in July 2016 and setting a new world record on crossing North America from west coast to east coast the same year.

Self-supported means not accepting aid from others, and resupplying along the route on your own. Pete pushed all of his gear in a stroller.

Here’s the route Pete followed:

People could join him along the way to run or support him or accompany him virtually.

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