Pete Kostelnick 

Pete Kostelnick
Nationality: USA

He started running to lose weight, then wanted to impress his girlfriend.
After getting burnt out on road marathons Pete started to dream big.

Pete is the 5th fastest North American, all-time, at the 24-hour run, covering 163.5 miles (an average pace of 8:48 per mile).
He is a two time Badwater Ultramarathon champion and became the current Badwater course record holder in 2016, the same year he broke the record for fastest run across America, that had been standing for 36 years. He covered 3067 miles from San Francisco to New York in  42 days, 6 hours and 30 minutes, a record that still stands.

In 2018 Pete set a new Ke2Key record, running 5000+ miles self-supported from Alaska to Florida.

2018 Canal Corridor 100 Mile:  14:04:12, 1st Overall and CR

2018 3 Days at the Fair Six Day:  412 Miles, 3rd Overall

2016 Run Across America (San Francisco to New York, 3067 miles):  42 days, 6 hours, 30 minutes, breaking record held by Frank Giannino since 1980 for fastest run across America

2016 STYR Labs Badwater 135: 21:56:26, 1st Overall and CR
2016 Western States 100 Mile:  19:55:44
2015 Badwater 135:  23:27:10, 1st Overall
2015 Desert Solstice 24 Hour:  163.68 miles, 1st Overall
2015 Arkansas Traveler 100 Mile: 16:55:50, 3rd Overall
2015 Kansas Fall Ultra 100 Mile:  14:13:09, 1st Overall and CR
2014 Badwater 135: 30:38:09
2013 Heartland 100 Mile:  18:35:44
2013 RAGBRAI, Run across Iowa, 423 miles in 7 days

PERSONAL BEST (for Marathon and shorter distances)
Marathon: 2:41:06
½ Marathon: 1:19:26
10K: 34:08
5K: 16:25


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