Run across Africa – Steven Crompton

Steven Crompton, UK
January 17, 2020
March 19, 2020

After spending 3 months volunteering in Uganda Steve witnessed levels of child poverty. The sight of children dying at the side of the road and not being able to help was devastating. One day at a project called Amari Uganda changed his life forever.

Steve prepared to run 4000km across Africa in January 2020 to raise money for homeless children. Donations would build Amari Uganda a long term home with enough land to farm food for the children.
Founders Martin and JB, ex Homeless children themselves, are now both adults fighting to save the lives of children off the streets.

“Projects like Amari do not get the support they deserve and the rented accommodation they are in is up for sale,” Steve says. “The project saves children off the streets, feeds them, puts clothes on their back and use football and athletics to develop talents. They then work hard to find the boys sponsors so they can go to school because if you do not have the money in Uganda you can not go to school.

Covering a total of 2500 Miles I will run more than a marathon a day to cross the continent in less than 90 days. To put it in perspective: it is 95 consecutive marathons and equivalent to running the length of Great Britain three times. If that was not hard enough temperatures will soar well over 40 degrees other dangers include wildlife and disease.

There will be no hotels We will travel by a 4×4 vehicle. Our accommodation will be a tent and camp beds, We will not be able to shower for weeks at a time. I am stepping into the unknown! Going beyond my comfort zone and facing me deepest fears imaginable, hopefully we can raise enough money so we can build Amari Uganda the long term home so that they can carry on saving children from extreme adversity for many years to come.

We have found some land and we will have the plans drawn up before I set off to cross the continent by foot!

The only thing that could stop him was a pandemic!
Nevertheless Steven managed to run 68 marathons across Africa over 66 days!

He now plans to come back in 2023/2024 to not only raise funds and awareness for homeless children but also run a world record.

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