Richard Donovan

Richard Donovan
Photo credits: Richard Donovan
Nationality: Irish
Residence: Ireland

ATHLETE: First marathoner at North & South Poles & World Record holder for running marathons on all 7 continents (4 days 22 hours 3 minutes). Participated in many extreme locations around the planet, including Sahara & Atacama Deserts, Andes & Himalayan mountains and Amazon Jungle. Won the Inca Trail Marathon, Himalayan 100-Mile Stage Race, Antarctic 100 km, Everest Challenge Marathon and South Pole Marathon. Represented Ireland internationally as an ultra runner. Ran 5,000+ km across the USA from San Francisco to New York in 2015, 3,000 km across Europe from Istanbul to Rotterdam in 2016, and 1,800 km across South America in 2017.

RACE ORGANIZER: Founder & Race Director of the annual North Pole Marathon, Antarctic Ice Marathon, Volcano Marathon and World Marathon Challenge. Organized and directed Home Nations, Commonwealth and World Championships at ultramarathon running, including the 100km Anglo Celtic Plate and 100km Commonwealth Championships in 2009; the 50 km World Trophy Final in 2010; and the World Championships and Commonwealth Championships at Trail Running in 2011. Other miscellaneous events have included North Pole Bike Extreme, a mountain bike event at the North Pole (2007); the Galway Kenya Run, featuring elite milers and Olympic 800m Champion David Rudisha (2013); and the first ever Antarctic Triathlon (2013). Assisted in launching the Wings for Life World Run in 2014 and was Race Director of the Irish event.

ECONOMIST: A published economist holding postgraduate degrees from Ireland and the USA. Specialisms include competition law & economics, development of interactive educational software for the US college market, and demographic projections. Instructed at National University of Ireland Galway, New England Banking Institute and Arizona State University, and consulted to major industry. Awarded postgraduate fellowship to National University of Ireland and academic scholarship to USA. Received professional doctorate in Project Management in 2020.

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